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    Well said, Bob.

    Today’s news concerns a misleading mailer from something called

    Shows Rye isolated on a map of supposed YES voting school districts. Says Rye is “undecided.” No. Rye isn’t “undecided,” it decided. It decided it didn’t want a mega debt issuance. It VOTED to DEFEAT that issuance. And that issuance has been resubmitted to the same voters, in new clothes, but as overweight as ever before.

    And just like Rye, Greenburgh voters recently told their school board that their $115M jumbo gumbo we-need-it-all-now numbo bond was DOA. But Greenburgh doesn’t get shown on the YES mailer map because, well, it was a blow-out NO election loss for the debt piggies.

    In politics you better not overtly lie, it tends to contribute to election defeats. Rye didn’t spend all that money to run the prior referendum only to come out “Undecided.”

    That bond was fully decided by the voters and they decided NO.

    Going K thru 12 in the RCSD taught me a few things many decades ago, including that some people will stoop pretty low just to get their way.

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