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    Maybe they might spend it wisely, maybe they would not. Overall its too much money to hand in a lump sum unchecked to any operation like this.

    Why do I say this? I've been here 6 decades now, graduated from the system and have seen a few things. Most recently - and attention new arrivals - some ridiculous cover-ups and corruptions touching the top of the board & management. Pray-tell you say? Plug the following Dec 20 2013 LoHud headline into your internet browser:

    "Falsely accused basketball coach hopes to get back in the game after Rye City School District apologizes"

    Here we have an exculpatory video suppressed by the district as evidence and outright lying by district officials. And no consequences for the district law firm involved who I believe will adjudicate issues pertaining to this brand new mega funding.

    Nope. Too big. I support a series of smaller issuance's along the way, each approved step by step by the voters, just like we always have.

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