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    Jim Amico

    Are we having a duplicate agenda this week or is Jay Sears really as lost as I think he is??????

    Ray Tartaglione

    Taken from this week’s Rye Sound Shore Review

    To the Editor,
    The meaning of my statements at the last Rye City Council meeting was completely lost in translation when reported [“Councilman’s speech draws community pushback,” Feb. 1.]

    Those that know me know that I speak with my heart and am passionate about making Rye a better place to live. My message that evening was simply that things had become uncharacteristic of the Rye that we all know and love. I wanted to shed light on some very disturbing events in City Hall in order to highlight the need to get civility back into our dealings with city government and each other. I have been told by former council members that dealings in the city were never this vicious in their days. Are we going to allow this to continue and tear the fabric of Rye?

    My heart is in the right place, but the venue for my message was not correct. Some people have told me my problem is always rushing to help someone.

    We all need to respect each other and respect different opinions. People have the right to information and the right to ask questions, but is it too much to ask of these people to do so with a touch of civility?

    You are correct that I am not verbose on the council. My main focus over the past three years on the council was to build consensus on very tough issues and craft solutions that make Rye a better place. I promoted the idea of creating emails for the members of Rye City Council in order to improve communication with Rye citizens and enable quick feedback to the council.

    For those of you who believe that people are within their rights to behave and deal in any fashion with city government or council members, I hope your loved ones will have the benefit of feeling confident that their work environment is safe.

    My greatest hope and wish is to have civility return to Rye. I have nothing further to say on this matter.
    Richard Filippi
    Rye City Councilman

    Mr. Filippi,
    Was Bob Schubert family feeling safe when the Rye City manager called the Westchester County Mental Health crises team in an attempt to commit him?
    Are the Children of Rye that attend day camps at the clubs bordering Milton Harbor “safe” when they are subjected to West Nile Virus from the thousands of gallons of stagnant water you and the Mayor allow to be stored on Hen Island?
    Do you think Andrew Dapolite had the benefit of feeling confident that his “work environment was safe”?
    There was nothing “lost in translation” when you accused Andrew of “manipulating tapes”.
    If you really wanted to “make Rye a better place to live” why didn’t you hold the Mayor responsible for his lies about his rental property and his illegal STAR tax deductions?
    And if you wanted to “shed light on some very disturbing events in City Hall” why didn’t you shed it on Mr. Pickup for lying to the city council about taping the Fire Department meeting?
    What “tears the fabric of Rye” is when councilpersons such as yourself , the City Manager and the Mayor attack residents that come to the meetings to be heard. I took notice of your statements of “civility” when you compared those that spoke at the podium to Cancer and those that came to power in Nazi Germany.
    Lastly, if you are so interested in crafting “solutions that make Rye a better place” why don’t you start with requiring the building department to enforcing the law on Hen Island, stop the illegal water storage, remove the mosquito infestation, and require permitted and legal sewage disposal systems.



    (Leon Sculti)…”thanked several people who had come to his defense at the last Council meeting, where his actions were severely criticized in a now (and maybe forever) infamous speech by Councilman Richard Filippi. Then, he accused (without foundation as it turns out) Mayor Doug French of orchestrating the speech, and former Councilwoman Suzanna Keith of promoting it from her new home in Texas.”

    (LD10580) “In his speech, Mr. Filippi introduced the term Schadenfreude: the pleasure derived from others misfortunes. And he attempted to assign that trait; again, to those he knows nothing about, who dare stand at this podium. Who would condone such a hypocritical, destructive attack? I say, your 'Change of Rye' team.”




    Last night:

    Leon Sculti - “I bet many of you thought Suzanna Keith, who’s seat is now in the hands of Ms. Killian, had left Rye politics when she left Rye. Unfortunately that’s not the case. You see your “Change For Rye” team had to go way beyond Rye’s boundaries to support and promote Mr. Filippi’s speak that night. They had to go all the way to Texas. All the way back to – Suzanna Keith (holds up printed copy of Facebook page screen shot) -who posted this on Facebook the day of the meeting:”

    Suzanna Keith Jan 23rd on Facebook - “Dear Rye Friends - At the Rye City Council meeting tonight Councilman Richard Filippi will call for an end to the personal attacks in meetings. Please attend the 8PM meeting if you can to show your support. These attacks need to end across America. Let’s make a good example for our children, especially our daughters.”

    See residential reaction to Councilman Filippi’s supported and heavily promoted “statement” here -

    And elsewhere, in the World News Department:

    “The pope's Ash Wednesday homily underscored the persistent infighting in church ranks. The rivalries burst into public view a year ago when the Vatican confirmed the authenticity of letters to the pope, leaked to the Italian media, detailing the ouster of a top Vatican official who tried to blow the whistle on wasteful spending in the world's smallest state.”

    WSJ - “Church Puzzles Over Role of Ex-Pope” -

    And finally, about Yours Truly, and coming this weekend to a mailbox near you:


    (And please be sure to note the very last sentence. Rather full throated isn’t it?)

    Investigate Vinnie's Death

    Sorry tedc,

    The City will have to "pickup" the bill. Congrats to and Joe Sack on the mountain of City money that is being spent on investigations.

    Rye Oldtimer

    Dear Lord! What is wrong with our government? Pickup must go. Please save our city further embarrassment from these ordeals.

    Jim Amico

    Damn, there goes that Dapolite kid again trying to "shakedown" the City of Rye.....I'MMMMM FILIPPIOUTING!!!!!

    Where is that "dimwit" when you need one, oh ya, that "dimwit" is wiping Pickup's A**!!!!

    City Hall Insider

    Yikes TedC! How timely. exposes more. I am looking forward to the FOIL discussion tomorrow...

    It no longer amazes me the depth of corruption inside Rye City Hall. I can't even begin to explain where it comes from. The man is a pathological liar. I suppose other employees follow his lead...

    I bet Richard Filippi is going to keep his mouth shut from now on. It seems like ever since he attacked Leon Sculti the gloves are now off, and Mr. Sculti will continue to expose the unfortunate corruption in our City government.






    Legal Eagles - looks like LD10580 is of a like mind here. Please let readers know what you think.


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