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    Sandy P

    Will armed school teachers make children safer?


    So now according to information at, public officials are blaming the newspapers for the laws that the public officials wrote. LOL. There is also a rush to conceal the the information of the permit holders who are concealing. Greg Ball and the dimwits representing Putnam County are trying to draw up a law as we speak to conceal the info about the concealers. I hope if I ever break the law Greg Ball is there to bail me out with my own private law that exempts me from abiding by the law.

    Nellie Nelson

    Some Non-Fake News:


    By Roland Martin, CNN Contributor

    "At 9:40 a.m. on December 14, America's attention was turned to Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 children and six adults were gunned down in an elementary school. The nation was grief-stricken. President Barack Obama arrived two days later operating as consoler-in-chief, and the dialogue immediately commenced on what steps should be taken to prevent another Newtown.

    Shortly after 9 p.m. on December 27, Chicago police found the body of Nathaniel T. Jackson outside a convenience store, marking the 500th homicide of the year in the Windy City, most of them due to gun violence."
    "Mental illness has been discussed, but it has been a distant second to the loud voices championing a ban on assault weapons, background checks or closing gun show loopholes. Very few media sources have done extensive reporting on mental illness budgets in their cities and states."
    "If we are going to keep saying, "let's have a conversation," then by God let's do it. Right now, we are seeing advocates against guns and for guns try to score points and demonize one another. That's not a conversation. It's an exercise in futility."

    Read more:

    A.K. Fourtee-Sevan

    So now we've come full circle. It was only a matter of time that a citizen who probably has a permit to carry a concealed weapon has caused locked down in half the schools in Westchester because we think he's possibly the next Adam Lanza. Only in Faux News world can this happen because when you're always using Faux News knee-jerk circular logic it's always just a matter of time. So now it has to follow that Faux News would be a proponent of making sure concealed weapon permit owners have the right to walk into schools carrying heat and there should be no questions asked or any police follow up or investigation. Anything besides complete apathy by the authorities would be a violation of their right to have a permit to carry a concealed weapon without being outed or hassled.

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