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    Jim Amico

    Thanks "D"!!! We also took a trip to Sandy Hook....I can't put words together to describe that experience!!!

    We put a special shirt at the vigil that was done by some friends for Jarrid!

    Account Deleted

    Nice touch, Jim Amico. God bless, Merry Christmas.

    Jim Amico


    Thank You for the support and input.

    However, whatever, whyever, whoever....none of it is relevant - bad choice, brutal timing, take it down...PERIOD!!!!

    The reason I mentioned our Mayor was because of his poor choice & timing as it relates to the tragedy in Newton...(his email to Mr. Sculti)

    This was my original request sent to Mr. Sears:

    "Considering the state of our Nation & the mental health of the children at this present time I find your use of the word "DEATH" in VERY POOR TASTE & OFFENSIVE????????????

    I respectfully ask that you change your wording and possibly issue an apology for your poor judgement for those you have possibly offended!!!"

    Tell me something, what would you have done in Mr. Sears shoes?

    Average Citizen

    Jim, I agree with you regarding the use of the word 'death' after what happened a week ago. I think what Jay was doing was a play on the phrase "Death & Taxes." I also think that the Mayor does not have anything to do with the headlines Jay creates.

    Ultimately it is up to Jay whether to change the headline or not. His blog -- his rules. But to delete your post requesting the change is, in my opinion, wrong. He should have explained why he chose to not change the headline, or at the very least, left your post up.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

    Jim Amico


    FTR - I do not hate, I tell it like it is and that is what is hated around here, people don't wanna hear the truth!!
    I didn't consider your remarks "petty" and do not hold them against you!

    Moving on:

    WOW....You still don't get it!!!

    This isn't about "one" individual's life or any "single" reader.

    I pointed out that I tragically lost a child because I know their pain and they now know mine.
    If Mr. Sears had half a brain and an equaled size heart he would have removed that word, but I guess he's all that!!!

    This ENTIRE NATION is hurting from this, well almost the whole Nation....we have thousands of different acts of kindness happening all over our Nation and yet here in Rye we choose to direct to our budget talks with the word "DEATH"????????????
    With all the words in the English Dictionary you are going to sit here and tell me Mr.Sears couldn't have chosen a different word or directive to point to his silly agenda item!!!

    Tell me why this word was chosen Mr. Louse??? Did you witness anything remotely close to that ugly word having anything to do with the Budget discussions Wednesday night???
    What did "DEATH" have to do with the Budget Wednesday night....WHAT???

    What the hell was so damn important that that word was involved????

    The word was far from appropiate and the timing could not have been you disagree???

    In closing, and this is for you, Sears and French....when it comes to a "CHILD" being tragically killed or "CHILDREN" being mass murdered, if something someone has said has offended just ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL then there SHOULD BE AN IMMEDIATE RETRACTION....PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't give a RATS A** about the constitution or rights of freedom here...we are talking about life, CHILDRENS LIVES!!!!

    DO YOU GET IT YET?????????

    Louse Dumas

    I can not imagine how awful this is for you and I mean no disrespect by my petty remarks. It must be hard in a society where violence is all around you 24/7. But you must realize that the author of a blog or people that post on such sites can not take every single reader's lives into account when they write their words now can you? God bless and have a safe and happy Christmas.

    Jim Amico

    Since I have to spell it out for you...
    Mr. Sears could have chosen any other word to address the budget instead he chose a very sensitive word at a very sensitive time in all of our lives.
    What took place on Newtown, Ct brought my family back to a very dark place, it hit us very hard.
    I don't see anything wrong with a simple and respectful request.
    So please don't preach to me about the Constitution and our freedom of rights, if that mattered around here in Rye Jay Sears wouldn't have anything to write about.
    By the way I am in Sandy Hook paying my respects, where are you?

    Louse Dumas

    I applaud you Mr. Sears for sticking to your guns here (sorry bad time to use that word).

    Jim, freedom of speech, poetic license? What would the title be without using Death?

    "Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."
    —Benjamin Franklin, in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, 1789

    Why do you have to hate on everything?

    Keep up the good work Mr. Sears!

    Jim Amico

    Jay Sears,

    I noticed you took down my "second" request for you to remove the word "Death" from your Post out of respect for the 26 CHILDREN & ADULTS GUNNED DOWN in Newton, Ct.

    Why do you have a problem with such a simple respectful request?

    Myself as well as my Wife and Daughter are extremely devastated from this horrific incident and we find the use of that word at this time of healing.....OFFENSIVE!

    I didn't see this request to be such a big deal.....WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM MR. SEARS???

    Robert Zahm

    Leon -
    1. Thanks for your research - both on my (as you implied simply) request and on the broader issues. I'm not a fan of inflammatory rhetoric, but I respect your right to use it.
    2. I find myself wondering if the section 75 proceeding isn't related to the golf club matter. It would sure be nice to get a real update on the status of the investigation from someone on city council.

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