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    Cohn is the most incompetent Rye mayor I have ever witnessed. Cohn is a hot headed bully who can't handle the truth and fears public deliberation of issues. In my view he is a coward, a weasel and someone who cannot be trusted to oversee our city.

    Cohn got out negotiated by RCDS. Rye taxpayers lose because of Cohn's incompetence.


    Money Man

    A private organization wants to spend its own money to buy state land and turn it into playing fields with the condition that Rye kids will get to use the fields.

    Why is the mayor trying to block that?

    It's much better than putting a Starwood hotel on that land. It's much better than the state turning it into a truck parking lot.

    Rye doesn't even own the land, the state does! Cohen should be thanking Otis for saving his lame ass.

    Rye Not?

    We really made a mistake with this mayor.


    “How To Beat A Dead Horse” by Josh Cohn. I think your 3 minutes are up pal.

    Soccer Dad

    Field space for Rye kids sounds pretty good to me. Well done Assemblyman Otis.

    The pot calling the kettle black. Otis and Cohen should both be ashamed to represent themselves as concerned about the Rye community. Two politicians playing politics instead of protecting the health, safety and environmental concerns of Rye residents.

    Rye Ranger

    I did not think we could have a more undemocratic mayor than Joe Sack. But Josh Cohen has proven to be even more secretive and deceitful. Everything he does is behind closed doors. Now he’s opposed to something most of Rye has wanted for years. Thankfully Steve Otis had the power to bypass him. Cohen is pathetic.

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