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    "Mr. Serrano then swore and signed a notarized legal affidavit that no additional records - including certain Rye records that had already been released by Yorktown but not by Rye – exist. The problem for Mr. Serrano (and Rye City officials) is they do exist and we have obtained copies. But see Mr. Serrano’s sworn Rye City Affidavit, for what it’s worth, - here.

    Concealing or suppressing or tampering with or destroying public records is a felony in NY State as it is elsewhere. Swearing to something falsely is also a crime. Federal laws cover this same ground. The EPA, to name one federal agency, restricts misuse of registered pesticides (see 16 documented apparent violations of Federal Pesticides Law at Rye Golf Club here in Series Part 5). The FBI, to name another federal agency, would likely find a possible/probable multi-million dollar insurance fraud against an American insurance company by a U.S. municipality as a matter of natural law enforcement interest."

    Do not, under possible penalty of targeted extra-legal recrimination including false arrest, paste the following link into your browser and hit Enter -

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