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    If you think you did what was best for the Rye community, why did you play follow the leader with Otis, French and now Cohen. You have all failed to protect the health, safety and welfare of the Rye community by ignoring the pollution, health and environmental concerns on Hen Island. Talk about politics behind closed doors! You have all done what you thought was best for your political careers and not the residents of Rye. No other community in N.Y. state would have allowed what you, Otis, French and now Cohen have closed your eyes to. You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Followers not leaders! Sad very sad.


    for god's sake let it go , Joe .

    we all know you wanted to buy the space and convert it into the Rye Department of Sanitation headquarters and blow $50 million of taxpayer money in doing so and why you and the GOP folks all got thrown out of office

    99% of rye taxpayers will be thrilled to see RCDS buy the land , convert to playing fields and whatever use Rye youth leagues get is a bonus AND IT WON'T COST US A DIME

    Rye is broke Joe . We can't fix our shattered roads without taking out massive new debt to pay for it . Our taxes are on the moon and why there is record numbers of unsold houses piling up . Stop pretending Rye was going to get involved in buying this land

    Get on with life , Joe . Let RCDS buy the land before we string out any further and somehow / someway the land gets sold to commercial users for something huge and ugly and inappropriate

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