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    I have been to 3 Rye High School Graduations and find moving the the 2020 graduation ceremony to any other city more than "insane." It is deeply disrepectful to students, parents, families and neighbors.
    Considering this break in tradition is due to a problem scheduling field repairs makes one
    question the Board's real academic priorities
    and management skills.
    Of course these matters bring us back to the $80 million bond measure which won by the narrowest of margins and sought to make "turf" work costs appear de minimis and essential. Not!
    In sum, Rye High School's Athletic Field is the only appropriate location for the Rye High School
    Graduation of the Class of 2020. Go Garnets!
    Go away all pathetic excuses for progress.


    this is best news in Rye in last decade

    i promise you the parents screaming have never been to a Rye graduation

    it has always been 90+ degrees disaster . An utter sweatbox . Old people fainting and miserable people sweating like a 290 pound tackle in August pre-season practice

    thank you Patty Taylor for some sanity

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