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    A career politician plays favorites with his rich friends

    Rich friends

    Rich friends like who have a wet backyard in Rye

    Rich friends who hire a politically active attorney in Rye

    Rich friends pay for a Tim Miller Assoc wetlands delineation report

    Rich friends have their backyard wetland marked with little red flags

    Rich friends hire an honest engineer, says its $90K+ to fix their problem

    Rich friends have Rye City Naturalist visit, she confirms delineated wetland

    Rich friends pivot, fire honest engineer

    Rich friends make local political donations, $20K+ to George Latimer alone

    Rich friends appeal to The Otis Administration for City Hall flexibility

    Rich friends receive flexibility, City Manager secretly orders it

    Rich friends get City Planner & City Engineer to lie about the wetland

    Rich friends excavate delineated wetland, destroy downstream swamp

    Rich friends smirk through massive public outrage, sure of their patronage shield

    Rich friends count on elected Rye secret keepers, like Joe Sack & Steve Otis

    Rich friends emboldened massively underreport building costs, shorting permit fees

    Rich friends live in house without a Certificate of Occupancy – for over 5 years

    Rich friends receive a tiny tax assessment increase for over $1M of new work

    Rich friends know City Hall is still hiding this malfeasance, Joe Sack & Steve Otis also

    Rich friends count on honest residents to pay for all this and more

    Rich friends tortured the old man to death to save money

    Rich friends couldn't have done any of this without the active involvement of Steve Otis & Joe Sack

    Maybe very soon Sack & Otis could be making new & very special Federal friends

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