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    Thanks to Jay Sears, I'm able to provide a link to the promised Rye City School District-provided documents showing the Bond estimates. Have fun. And its great to be able to prove the believers in fantasies wrong.


    @ LaC82 - clearly, you've not read the District's own materials. If there's a way to post it, I can share with you both the PDF and the Excel workbook which shows the $32million figure. Summary from that material follows. Sorry for the formatting. Rounding done for space:
    Maint. Cap Projs. AC Osborn $4.2m $6.7m $0.8m
    Milton $1.3m $2m 0
    Midland $9.5m $6.4m $0.8m
    HS/MS $16.5m $21m $4.7m
    Athletics 0 $3.8m 0
    Alt HS $0.5m $1.3m 0
    Total $32.0m $41.2m 5.3m

    Info provided by the RCSD in response to a FOIA request. The sheets being handed out showing each school mixes up these figures to make it impossible to see what the real maintenance costs are. Nice marketing. I call it manipulation. $32million is what's needed NOW. Oh, and by the way, $22+million is available in cash in the District's on accounts. Yes, we're being asked to approve increasing taxes in a very irresponsible way. Sorry that LaC82 seems to not want to accept the truth.


    CLEARLY $32 million is a made up number concocted by someone with an agenda.

    As a long-time Rye resident, I am DISGUSTED by the amount of resistance and slander the bond has been met with. The school district is trying to do something positive for our community and our children.

    I’ve received offensive mailings from the Friends of a Better Bond depicting bondage. Today I saw a gun featured in the Rye Record in a “humorous” cartoon mocking the bond. I think enough is enough.

    I am tired of feeling strong-armed into voting no. Friends of a Better Bond should have donated the money they spent on those awful mailings form on something else (ANYTHING ELSE). And the empty nesters who no longer care about our schools, shame on you! Future generations deserve better.

    You won’t control this voter. I vote YES.


    Clearly the author has not read the District's own estimates which show ONLY $32million of the $80million is for required maintenance. The District's own numbers say this. The re-packaged "sales" sheets being distributed by the District are more than disingenuous. They are misrepresentative. But that's okay. Disinformation about the Bad Bond is rampant as is clear by Mr Stein's post.

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