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    Why is Cohn withholding from the public the taxpayer paid Rye Fire Department study while having a guy who may not have graduated from high school running the place?

    El Duque

    I understand most of the council is new , but how long does it take to figure out the city manager is terrible. He lied about deleting emails and has multiple allegations at his previous jobs.

    Need Change

    My 1 question to the mayor and council is why they ignore the public safety issues in regards to the FD. Manpower issues...only a about a handful of active volunteers left. 19? Career firefighters down 2 due to retirements. No shift commander and volunteer chiefs unqualified
    Apparatus that is 30, 25, 13 and 12 years old and constantly out of service. Avg service life of a engine or ladder is 20 years on avg but with call volume increase that goes down to about 12-15 years. Should have replaced them all slowly like every other town/city around us. instead
    City will have to buy most likely 2 or 3 at once at a cost around $3mil. Forced to hire more. If they dont someone is getting a big payday in a lawsuit if something happens. I pray it doesnt.

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