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    Account Deleted

    14 weeks after resigning from his position as Rye City Public Safety Commissioner, Michael Corcoran has an impressive new position in Morristown, NJ. Rye Mayor, Josh Cohn, who ran on transparency, has never said a word about Corcoran's "get the hell out of dodge" June departure. Rye lost an FBI-trained, law school graduate as it's public safety officer. We are worse off for this.

    Rye has named high school graduate Lt. Robert Falk as its interim Public Safety Commissioner. Rye City Hall has also altered the job description for a permanent Commissioner from one requiring a college degree to one requiring a GED. Falk is in line to be named Rye City Public Safety Commissioner. If you google "Robert Falk, Rye City, Andrew Caspi", you will learn about Falk's flaws. He is either incompetent or lacks a moral compass:…/rye-police-andrew-caspi-b…/24086549/

    If you don't want the guy who covered up for a rage-aholic cop who beat the crap out of a teenager to be our Public Safety Commissioner, let the Mayor and City Council know.

    El Duque

    "Corcoran, who has a law degree and attended the FBI National Academy" the city of Rye just filled and was approved from civil service for the new Public Safety Commissioner to have a GED. I guess you should not expect much from a city manager that lies on a sworn affidavit.

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