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    Ray Tartaglione

    Here is a short video of “Doug French’s legacy” It was a very sad time in Rye history.

    Unfortunately the current Cohen admiration seems to be heading down the same path judging by the last few city council meetings. Once again we currently have a Mayor limiting how long residents can speak because the topic of conversation displays his refusal to protect the health and safety of the public. That’s how French started his spiral downhill.


    “In a note to local press...” I’ve never seen a bigger narccisst than former Mayor Doug French. Every piece that guy pens for the Rye Record is about how great he was as mayor. His portrait unveiling ceremony was almost all self praise. It was nauseating to listen to him talk about himself, especially when you consider the numerous scandals our city endured while he was in office. Now, in an attempt to stay relevant, Doug is emailing the media trying to re-write history. Self praise is the first sign of insecurity, Doug. Your contributions towards this project were minimal. At your last meeting ever, the council declared itself lead agency for the proposed zoning change. The actual work began after you left office— the site visits, public hearings, the vetting process and oversight of the construction. Decisions of size, scale, number of units etc. Not sure what you believe you actually did here.

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