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    “We understand that there is interest on the part of some parents in participating in the walkout. On the advice of the Commissioner, we are asking parents not to come to the event. We cannot ensure a safe environment for our students if there are crowds of adults present. It is too much of a security challenge for police and school security personnel to vet adults.” Dr. Eric Byrne, Superintendent of Rye Schools

    National Survey of 1,000 American Adults Conducted March 7-8, 2018 by Rasmussen Reports

    “An Obama-era policy allowing for more leniency in schools has been strongly criticized following the massacre last month at a Florida high school. Most Americans think discipline in public schools is too easy these days.”

    What's the biggest problem in schools today? (% are for All Adults)

    -Poor teachers 5%
    -Bad curriculum 8%
    -Not enough funding 35%
    -Lack of discipline 26%
    -Not enough
    parent involvement 19%
    Not sure 6%

    Discipline in public schools is:

    Too tough 4%
    Too easy 60%
    About right 25%
    Not sure 11%

    Is it harder for a teacher to maintain discipline in the classroom today than it was when you were a child in school?

    Yes 78%
    No 12%
    Not sure 11%

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