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    If you call Suez about a water leak, don’t count on them showing up any time soon. I have called and e-mailed numerous times to get someone to come out to investigate a potential water leak, with no luck. I spoke with someone on the phone (because they rarely answer e-mails to customer service) a week and a half ago who promised to have someone come to my property within 48 business hours, and have not heard from anyone since. I am well aware of a much more serious water leak on Locust Ave, but if they can’t make it to my property in almost 3 weeks now, at least they could communicate with me why there is a delay.
    Tim Kirby, 36 Orchard Ave


    Serrano's motto seems to be:

    If you see something, say something. He will then ignore you and/or play(?) dumb.

    Perhaps he will have his wife, who is a clerk in Yorktown, write an official City of Rye response to you.

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