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    I think Mayor Cohn and his team are on to this possible scam.

    I believe Sack and company scammed thru the senior housing project on Theodore Fremd Avenue by saying if they didn't approve it a trucking company could go in there. NONSENSE!

    Did Sack or anyone on the city council have any connection to the developer or their representatives?

    This was followed by the developers of 120 Old Post Road coming to Sack and the city council alleging they couldn't fill their office space and wanted to put a hotel there. Of course this was met with community outrage so Sack and company then allowed a very large residential community to go there instead. HUGE project.

    Was bait and switch the plan all along?

    Was there really an issue of not being able to fill their office space? Even if there was an issue, why would the City of Rye in effect have to bail out the developer who I believe only paid approximately $1.5 million for the property and now stands to make many $$$ millions of dollars?

    Did Sack or anyone on city council have any connection to the developer or their representatives?


    Mr. Cohn's speech was refreshing & direct. Inclusiveness and shared responsibility, literally shocking stuff after the past 8 years. Ran 14 and a half minutes, another first. Then some guy from county government tried to tie or top the run time. He made it to 12 and a half minutes before running out of steam. A blessing.


    " The Starwood-designed project on the United Hospital site is now for sale "


    Barry Sternlicht lives locally . You think he wants all his friends & family in the area screaming at him over the traffic armageddon this project will create ? His company ( STWD is symbol ) wants nothing to do with this ill conceived disaster . Would damage their brand

    The whole project was a Starwood scam from getgo . Get the idiot politicians in Port Chester to sign off on anything by telling them the traffic will be Rye's problem & then look to punt the thing to some 3rd tier developer

    But here is the problem : there is no bid for hundreds of 1BR luxury apartments in Port Chester ( which is what Sternlict sold them on so as to claim his project would not bring in families with children who need schools built for them )

    Watch as Sternlicht squeeezes the mooks running Port Chester to allow project to build 2BR units instead .

    Once that gets done ? watch as this 'luxury condos' project morphs in 'afffordable housing' project instead as some dirt bag developer realizes nobody is going to pay for even 2br luxury units in Port Chester

    presto chango ...... Rye has a giant housing project on its border !!

    wake up Cohn & Roth and realize this could become an unmitigated disaster very soon for the entire Rye Country Day neighborhood if this luxury / high end condos & retail project becomes what i believe Sternlicht knew all along it would be : a housing project

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