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    Committee for Election Equality

    Respectfully, TWR, the City has bigger issues than the untimely reopening of a 12 foot span bridge. The over the top issue facing the City of Rye, is a Republican judge who practices cronyism, time and time again obstructs justice, woefully ubuses his discretion, and has no idea if the rules of law. That judge's name is the not so honorable Joseph L. Latwin who time and time again violates his oath by failing to faithfully discharge his duties and it has been implored to Mayor-elect Cohen to remove him, rid the City of his Naxi-like practices, and appoint a new judge at Mayor-elect Cohen's discretion - just not Joe Sack as a consolation prize


    Yes this project was late but it was still done about 5 years faster than the other Central Avenue Bridge, AKA the "Scott Pickup Bridge".

    The "Scott Pickup Bridge" is right next to the City of Rye public park that I believe Pickup tried to pave over.

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