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    In an election flyer out yesterday (October 18, 2017) from ALL RYE 2017 (Sack-Watson-Parks-McCartney) entitled “MANAGING RYE’S SUCCESS” the example of ‘success’ in the matter this 7 part series is focused on is addressed.

    The wording is as follows:

    “2015 – Negotiated a $2.6m settlement after a defective fertilizer product killed the greens at Rye Golf Club.”

    POINT 1: As MyRye readers will recognize, the multi-million dollar settlement with AIG Insurance involved no so-called “defective fertilizer product.” The product involved here was a contaminated fungicide – ALT-70 (primary ingredient Aluminum tris) which is a registered pesticide, regulated and controlled by laws from the NYS DEC and the Federal EPA.

    It is a federal and state crime to apply this dangerous regulated product in a manner or rate inconsistent with the limits detailed in its federal and state approved label. The label is the law in this regard.

    POINT 2: In fact 2 sets of official chemical application records from Rye Golf Club show that in 2015 a senior Rye City employee did just that, was exposed, was arrested, pled guilty to a NYS DEC violation in Rye City Court, and paid a $500 fine.

    POINT 3: The city hired a nationally recognized turf scientist to conduct scientifically based field trials of the contaminated fungicide ALT-70 who then submitted his written results exclusively to city officials who were negotiating with the product’s manufacturer, distributor and insurance company (AIG).

    Those results indicate that NO DAMAGE to living turf was observed when the contaminated fungicide was applied at legal rates and legal application intervals.

    Only by doubling both the ALT-70 usage rate and shortening the application interval by approximately half was the scientist able to approximate the kind of damage observed at Rye Golf Course.

    All Rye’s Messer’s Sack & McCartney (and multiple other city insiders) had these results during negotiations. What is unclear is if they shared this scientific test evidence with the product manufacturer, distributor or AIG.

    POINT 4: The AIG Insurance website includes the following definition of Claims Fraud - "CLAIMS FRAUD - Includes circumstances where a claimant has fabricated a loss, or has submitted a legitimate loss but intentionally misrepresents the nature or extent of the loss or associated damages.”

    As of this date, and to our knowledge, AIG continues investigating this matter based in part on new information this MyRye series has provided.

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