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    Thank you for your observations, Mr. Marrow.

    As you know if you’ve read the full series here we’ve made no comments about the current condition or beauty of the course at Rye Golf Club.

    As to the settlement with AIG that you are grateful for may I just point out that in “Series Part 3 – They Knew” we’ve documented that the City’s own paid scientific expert informed city officials in writing and well before settlement ‘consummation’ that the contaminated fungicide used at Rye Golf Club and upon which the settlement was based on caused no damage to living turf when applied at legal concentration rates and at legal time intervals. The controlling laws here are both state and federal.

    A full unredacted copy of this previously secret city-paid-for scientific report is attached to Series Part 1 and labeled “Mitowski report – 2.” Clicking on the series numbers 1-5 above will bring up these prior articles along with their previously unpublished official municipal documentary attachments.

    Robert V Marrow

    The Rye Golf Course has never been better. I have been a member since 1976. It has been transformed from a pasture to a jewel in the crown or Rye. As a golfer I appreciate the excellent condition of the greens, the collars, the fairways, the rough, and even the bunkers. I am grateful to the City Council and the City Attorney for their efforts in obtaining the settlement that made improvements possible, and particularly grateful to Chip Lafferty and Mike Rapisarda for their expertise and hard work in creating one of the most beautiful golf courses on the planet.
    Bob Marrow

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