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    Today is Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

    Action Line Request Item: FOIL

    Your initial message:
    Is this a request for commercial purposes? No

    Describe records being sought - One request per submission.

    “All reports and correspondence from Breen and Associates, Breen & Associates, William and/or “Bill” Breen since January 1, 2012.

    Included in these reports and correspondence should be the summary of interview findings conducted with former Rye City Controllers Michael Genito (April 1996 -January 2009) and Jean Gribbins (August 2009 – June 2012) concerning who specifically authorized and/or directed city payments to former senior city employee Scott Yandrasevich’s shell companies without public notice, public bidding, city council discussion, background checks, written contracts, written rate cards, proof of legal incorporation and other requirements of the city internal financial controls referred to by the City of Rye’s outside independent auditor Brendan Kennedy, CPA, on the evening of July 8, 2015 in the regular meeting of the Rye City Council.

    Specifically, Mr. Kennedy told the residents of Rye that evening that the largest financial fraud in city history, managed and directed by Mr. Yandrasevich, was “clearly a circumvention of internal control or, who knows, if it happened to be collusion.”

    With the City of Rye’s independent accountant’s public testimony above in mind please refer to the Decision, Order & Judgment In the Matter of the Application of (Rye resident name redacted) against Kristen Wilson, Esq., Carolyn D’Andrea, Esq., Marcus Serrano, and the City of Rye (Index No: 2378/2016) decided December 12, 2016 by Barbara G. Zambelli A.J.S.C. concerning FOIL Request #3 (Breen and Associates) wherein the City of Rye purposely withheld the fact of the existence of the above expert public testimony by Mr. Kennedy from Judge Zambelli in order to continue to deny the production for publication of the above referenced forensic audit records identifying those public officials involved in the circumvention and/or collusion which Mr. Yandrasevich relied upon to originate and maintain his multi-year multi-million dollar criminal scheme.

    POL paras 89(2)(a), 87(2)(g) and CPLR paras 3101(b) & (c) and 4503(a) cannot be used by any NYS Attorney or municipality to cover up evidence of the financial crimes of circumvention and/or collusion that the City’s own expert independent auditor has determined and informed the Rye public about.

    Thank you."

    Ted Carroll
    Rye, NY



    You can now add that Joe Sack is also illegally withholding Kristen Wilson's 2016 City of Rye Conflict of Interest form that was mandated to be filed or to respond that Sack didn't require her to file the mandated form in 2016. .

    I believe Sack is refusing to release it because Wilson represented Lafferty in Rye Criminal Court in 2016 in addition to also working on the settlement with AIG.

    Gee, you think there may have been a conflict????

    Why does Sack say he wants to get rid of Wilson but says it's complicated?

    Why did McCartney say Wilson is on par with a first year associate but doesn't move to fire her?

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