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    How is it possible that none of these miscreants have been arrested?

    In reading your article it is my opinion that this may have been a conspiracy to fraudulently obtain insurance proceeds and there is now a full blown coverup being perpetrated by our elected officials.

    McCartney has said that Kristen Wilson is on par with a first year associate and Sack has said she has to go but it's complicated. So is it conceivable that she has knowledge of a possible conspiracy/fraud/coverup and this is what is keeping her employed and very handsomely rewarded?

    Comforting to know that Rye's Hen Island is not the only location where City officials cover up the real story. The City council's improper handling and cover-up of both Hen Island and Rye Golf are criminal actions that threaten the health and safety of every Rye resident.

    The entire City Council should all be held accountable and charged. This has been going on in Rye for years and the longer it is tolerated the harder it is to control.

    Let's not forget how they treated Bob Schubert in an effort to cover-up the City's wrongdoings in relations to the Gates property.

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