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    Ted C,
    In the middle of this fraud let us not forget how and why it became public knowledge and what lengths the City of Rye went to in order to discredit Bob Schubert and cover their political contributor. See below:

    As a result of an UN-permitted construction project on an upstream neighboring property, Bob’s pond dried up and his award winning wetlands garden was destroyed. City Hall refused to enforce its wetlands codes (in an effort to selectively save a Rye political donor $100,000 dollars or more in permitting, environmental consulting and construction fees)
    As Rye residents appeared in droves at City Council meetings supporting Bob’s efforts and protesting the City’s treatment of the senior citizen, the City responded by trying to silence Bob in order to avoid municipal embarrassment.
    The City called the psychiatric unit of the Westchester County Medical Center in an attempt to have Bob evaluated and committed. When that failed, former City Manager Scott Pickup claimed that Bob had threatened his life and the life of then-Councilwoman now-County Legislator Catherine Parker. The third and final attempt to silence Bob Schubert occurred in the final months of his life after he entered City Hall to view a public wetlands map located on the wall. Bob was charged by police and prosecuted.
    Bob Schubert’s story is interwoven into the tale of Hen Island with “dirty pool politics”, municipal corruption, and political agendas competing against the extraordinary power of ordinary people who fight for what they believe in.



    I have seen the $1,000,000+ construction cost invoice you reference in your post as well as the sworn to affidavit of final costs submitted by the homeowner stating only $325,000 in construction costs were performed. In addition, Mayor Sack and other elected and appointed City of Rye officials have seen it as well.

    How is it possible that Sack and no one from the City of Rye has taken any action on this? It seems to me a possible crime may have been committed and yet nothing is done. Besides no arrests being made, Sack and the City of Rye have not even made any adjustments to the reassessment in question based on the actual construction costs.

    How many other Rye homeowners received favorable reassessments based on either fraudulent or unchecked statements of final costs robbing the taxpayers of these tax revenues?

    How many other Rye homeowners have submitted building permit applications intentionally under reporting building costs robbing the taxpayers of the higher fees they should be paying?

    I suspect this assessment/building permit fees corruption is widespread in Rye and is costing Rye taxpayers (City of Rye taxes and School taxes) millions of dollars every year.

    You have to wonder why Sack is allowing this to occur.

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