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    Account Deleted

    My gut tells me there wasn't a quid pro quo either. There's absolutely nothing to be gained by either Mayor Sack or Ms. Law. Despite my gut (and logic), I'm unwilling to ignore a Board member's accurate description of a failure to disclose on the part of Mrs. Slack. That's all this identification of a failure to disclose. The community doesn't seem to agree this is an issue so, yes, we move on. Our voices will have to be heard at the polls. It's up to the victims here (Mrs. Mehler & Ms. Coppola) to pursue legal remedies for damages.

    Committee for Election Equality

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    Notwithstanding the occurrences at last night's Board of Education meeting, the Committee for Election Equality continues to support the courageous statement and position of Ed Fox. Where there is ANY appearance of impropriety, the issue must come to a standstill until the matter has been fully vetted and most of the community's questions are answered to FACTUALLY determine whether there was or was not impropriety. Having half of the Midland PTO standing up for Mrs. Slack is a nice to have, but a complete and unequivocal vetting of the issue would suit Mrs. Slack much better as, after all, this is this is the Rye City School District holder of a generous budget we have provided. We continue to remind readers that we have made no accusations, the only demand is that Mehler and Coppola be offered the SAME deal as Topol to do with as they see fit, and we have asked a lot of questions still unanswered except for, upon information and belief, the fact that Councilman McCartney brought forth the name of Richard Slack the fact of which is of no moment here, as only Mayor Sack has that power of appointment.


    Ms. Neary is right.

    Charmian Neary

    Aside from the politically hungry, it is difficult to convince qualified people to serve on the council.
    I have the sense that Ed Fox' statement has more to do with the dynamics of our school board than with the legitimacy of Richard Slack's appointment to the Rye City Council.
    I've known Ed for years. He had to know that his statement would be used as "evidence" or "proof" of something, for those who live for that sort of thing. But I don't presume to second guess his intent.
    Regardless, I am certain that there was no quid pro quo arrangement between the mayor and the school board president for the mutual benefit of their spouses. That is just silly.
    There's no benefit to either spouse other than the benefit that accrues from service. In short, even if you're inclined to think the worst about public figures, which is understandable, you'll have to admit there's no "money" here -- certainly nothing worth selling your good name for.
    It didn't happen. Move on. This is just gossip from men who wanted the council seat themselves and were never seriously considered by Sack.

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