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    P. StephenLamont

    Well Average, you have almost already won. In case you haven't heard, Judge Katherine Forrest, ordered the pleading be changed to a civil complaint (a lawsuit) and an Order to Show Cause...drafted and finalized but the Committee is in no hurry to file giving Jovanovich and Thomas yet ANOTHER chance to fly the coop rather than playing their dangerous game of chicken...;)

    Average Citizen

    PSL, the wager was that the petitions that were filed would not knock Jov off of the ballot.

    P. StephenLamont


    We simply MUST stop meeting like this! So, in the meantime, please refresh my memory on what we are betting on that you are so convinced I am going to lose...:)...I know, I know I really don't have short term memory loss issues, I just have a lot going on at the moment.


    Jovanovich and his "sister" Robin HATE the Rye cops and always have.

    Jovanovich has let his deep personal hatred of the Rye cops cloud his decision making process. In doing so, Jovanovich has probably cost us taxpayers upwards of a $1,000,000 to push his own hatred and biased agenda.

    Together at the Rye Jerkoff newspaper, it seems to me that the Jovanovich's have let their hatred lead the way with their biased reporting and anti-Rye cop mentality.

    Jovanovich actually thinks Connors, Pickup, French, Wilson, Nosedarse and Jovanovich himself are doing a great job. That should be reason enough not to vote for this Jerkoff.

    Average Citizen

    Hmmm....I think I'm going to make mine a double espresso.

    Thanks PSL!

    P. StephenLamont

    ticks, Tedc? I, as the rest of Rye, find him utterly revolting but I'd love to sit at a poker table with him; it's how I worked my way through college!...;)

    P. StephenLamont

    It is a game of chicken played by the team of Jovanovich and Thomas:

    Count One: Violation of Campaign Advocacy laws

    Count Two: Negligence

    Count Three: Breach of Fiduciary Duties.

    I haven't mentioned the penalties for Count One in a while: All FECA violations...felonies subject to imprisonment for five years and fines imposed ($250,000 for each offense by an individual and up to $500,000 for each offense by an organization). 2 U.S.C. § 437g(d)(1)(A)(i). Whelp, there goes Thomas's take from this BLATANTLY ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN conducted in this cesspool they have created in Rye, N.Y. Wake up, voters, you just have had a Federal Judge order the Committee for Election Equality to re-plead its claims as a civil complaint. Negative commenting? In this case it is FACT. A vote for Jovanovich is a vote for the continuity of the French-Otis Administrations, and you all know what happened there. Even the good Judge Joseph Latwin has emailed to assess the situation of this BLATANTLY ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN conducted by Jovanovich and Thomas!!!!!



    Looks like the Rye GOP had cameras rolling on Monday night at The Osborn Mayoral Debate.

    Here in his debate summary, Candidate Joe Sack calls out Peter Jovanovich and the “Keep-Rye-Dirty-Just-For-Us”- crew for hiring slime merchant Matt Thomas of MP Thomas Consulting (who so successfully “tuned up” George Latimer for 9 months last year that Latimer ended up totally crushing Thomas’s candidate Bob Cohen). Be sure to watch the wide variety of ticks demonstrated by Mr. Jovanovich as he sits beside Mr. Sack and gets fully called out for his unsavory untrue attacks:

    "The twisted wisdom of some high priced political consultants is that negative ads work, and negative statements about your opponent work. Well, the thing is, they don't work- at least not in a great place like Rye. Because in Rye, we can see through the attempts to tear down good people by using misleading half truths and by trying to tell actual outright fabrications in order to distract people from your own record which may be lacking. Regular folks in Rye see through that. They saw it in George's race, and he won despite those attacks.

    Regrettably, my opponent in this race has actually gone out and hired the very same person who was responsible for all of those horrible and negative attack ads against George Latimer. And now, they are turning their barrels aimed at me. Ladies and gentlemen, that doesn't work in Rye."


    Weekend Warriors - Isn’t the WWF in Stamford?

    (followed immediately thereafter by)


    Looks to me that the strung-out initiation of a credible RFP process for The Rye Golf Club General Manager position has devolved into some really really short term thinking.

    This would of course be par-for-the-course for the embattled consistently less than truthful (or competent) City Manager Scott Pickup who’s ”services” here on the east coast have resulted in an absurdly long local bridge reconstruction and scandal after scandal in Rye.

    But surprisingly here our Mr. P has engaged none other than Joe Sack in one of his now classic short-cut schemes. And local media is all over it…



    Ooo. The Rye GOP is out with new videos.

    For anyone confused by The French-O-Vitch Reality-Distortion-Field mailer on The Rye Golf Club Scandal in your mailboxes yesterday, here’s the other side…..

    Joe Sack on The Rye Golf Club Scandal

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