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    Ray Tartaglione

    July 10th City Council meeting

    Ray Tartaglione

    Rye's Failure to Protect

    Ray Tartaglione

    It’s all about public awareness:

    Dear Greenhaven homeowners,

    I am writing to you today concerning the horrific mosquito infestation present in Greenhaven. I am sure most of you that live in Greenhaven have noticed the increase in numbers year after year. In an effort to eliminate the infestation and draw attention to Hen Island (and the City and County Health Department’s lack of concern for the health and safety of area residents) last week we made a presentation in front of the Rye City Council. This presentation included Mrs. Kimberly King and Mr. Jeffrey O’Neil.

    Ms. King unfortunately lost her 5 year old daughter Adreana to EEE, a well known mosquito borne illness. Since her daughter’s death, Ms. King has been involved on a national level with mosquito control, education and awareness. She is presently a County Mosquito Control public health commissioner in Massachusetts and she is a member of several National Vector Borne Disease Control organizations.
    Mr. O’Neil is a nationally recognized entomologist and a toxicologist who has been involved in laboratory and field research in mosquito control for over twenty five years.
    Their presentation was informative and disturbing and I would encourage everyone to view it with the hope of educating our community on the dangers of mosquitoes and mosquito borne viruses.

    I would also encourage everyone to view our latest video “A Failure to Protect.” It was produced in the effort to illuminate how the Rye City Council, under the direction of Mayor Douglas French, has placed the lives of our families in jeopardy and allowed the City and the County Health Department to mislead the residents of Rye and Greenhaven into believing that there is “no threat to public health” from the swarms of island breeding mosquitoes on Hen Island.


    July 18, 2013

    Experts Advise Public of Steps to Take as U.S. Enters Peak Summer Mosquito Season

    Conditions expected to resemble 2012, the deadliest year for West Nile virus in U.S. history

    Jim Amico


    No one is perfect, I thrive for perfection and push to get as close as possible, it is just who I am. Yes, we all make mistakes, we can all be wrong from time to time and I have said all along that if I was wrong about installing Stop Signs there I would be the first one screaming to take them down. I am not afraid of being wrong and owning up to it, unlike the cowards I unfortunately helped to elect!

    Unfortunately I was proven right, I'm just glad lil Chris didn't lose his life.

    All this n that being said -
    We have seemed to gotten away from the original question:

    "What professional education or life experience on this subject do you possess that would allow you to make such a statement????"

    Gray Water Willy

    @Jim Amico

    I've been wrong before. I will be wrong again. I stop for your stop sign. I have nothing against it. It doesn't bother me.

    Jim Amico

    @ GWW,


    Can't please everyone, but I will tell you are seriously outnumbered by the rational thinkers when it comes to the Stop Sign.

    It's very obvious you are very detached from reality, I was proven right and yet you find that "irrational"....too funny my friend!

    Gray Water Willy

    Jim Amico writes:

    "Was I being irrational when I asked for a Stop Sign?"

    IMO, yes Jim, that stop sign is irrational even if there happened to be 2 incidents at the same spot. I think you too are too emotinally attached to the subject matter to make rational decisions. Please don't get mad at me and tell me you're gonna show up at my door and beat me up. I'm telling you exactly what I think. You asked a question and I gave you my honest answer.

    P. StephenLamont


    EXACTLY! Which is why on April 15, after watching a sitting, elected Mayor laugh in the face of a sitting, elected Councilman on Rye TV no less, I began my run for Rye City Council. Let us work together to give Rye back to Rye residents outside the reach of these small bit, wannabe Mafiosa types, and their gun molls. Not running for a 2nd term due to professional responsibilities, what a crock of **it. Stay out of the lines of fire, you corrupt, Republican pigs. Gloves off!

    Jim Amico

    @ GWW,

    What professional education or life experience on this subject do you possess that would allow you to make such a statement????

    "IMO, because of the death of her daughter, Mrs. King is too emotionally attached to the issue to be able to rationally look at this issue."

    In spite of whatever answer you will give me, if any at know I for one can address the "emotions & rationality" that come from such a tragic life altering traumatic experience.

    Adults forced into such a hideous circle are exactly what is needed to make change. Our emotions are a result of something no single human being should have to burden, the pain is so great and indescribable that we want to protect the rest of the world from it. We take these emotions, join them with rational thinking and try to make change to protect others, no matter who they are!

    We do not use "politics", friendships, money or power, etc etc to assist our thought process or get in the way of it....that would be "IRRATIONAL"

    Was I being irrational when I asked for a Stop Sign? Given what happen in 2010 at that same very location, 4 years into the battle, my rational thinking was proven to be ON POINT!!!

    So please, next time you decide to speak on such a sensitive subject, stop & think & do so with respect before you decide to open mouth and insert foot!!!!

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