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    Just curious... has this finally been swept under the green grass of Rye? I have not heard any further updates

    Jim Amico

    A plea of NOT GUILTY was entered on the misdemeanors and no plea has been entered on the felony.

    Piscoinere says "this is not a case that should be played out in the press"

    What does he think is going to happen as the lawyers drag this out.....NOT GUILTY?

    I know it is customary to plea not guilty but come on....did these kids drag themselves into the woods and beat each other senseless?????

    Matt Fahey

    Better Bubba than Al Sharpton!

    Jim Amico

    Easy there Bubba, I am not disputing your opinion, you just like sounding like a broken record as I have given what little thought I had on that subject!

    Matt Fahey

    Enough - my point is these boys should be held as minors and be given appropriate punishment. It's that simple.

    Jim Amico


    I don't believe I ever suggested that you suggested these kids get off free.....You are very clear Matt, I am far from confused and understand your words very well.
    You don't need to keep repeating this.
    I did notice how Charmian has called you on your words as well....Guess we are both confused?

    I also notice how you dodge my comments and questions???

    For the record so you can stop asking.....I am not a jury, judge, lawyer,etc., I have no say over the punishment, my focus is where I can make a difference!

    You, me & who ever have no control over the outcome of any punishment, why waste valuable energy on something you can't change???

    What's done is done Matt, the focus should be on putting a stop to this, the punishment is not our fight!

    We can't ignore this for 16 years like the Crossing Guard issue, or take 6 years to fix like it took to install a couple of Stop Signs!

    We need to move swiftly like the decision on "plastic vs paper"!

    Charmian Neary

    Matt, you gave suggestions as to a fitting punishment, not me.

    These are your words, not mine:
    "Being kicked off a sports team, being required to perform 100 hours of community service cleaning out the town's sewers, spending time in the big house... contemplating those activities as consequences would give any rational thinker pause.

    And elsewhere you said this:
    the blame lies squarely with the three punks arrested. They have made an enormous mistake, and should pay the price, perhaps by expulsion from the RCSD, jail time, elimination from any sports program, required anger management training, psychological examinations, etc. And not on the taxpayer’s dime, either. Sometimes, one’s purpose in life is only to serve as a warning to others. If these three are treated harshly, their lives will undoubtedly be harmed to some extent – but then, haven’t they already harmed others? "

    So why do you say I am advocating minors be tried as adults and start talking about 8 year olds and 10 year olds and mob blood lust? I just asked you why you seemed to back off from your prior stance.

    I abhor violence - even against trees. My sympathies just lie with the younger children who were the victims, not the perps. I thought yours did too.

    Matt Fahey

    Jim - I don't know how I can be more clear. I am not for letting these kids go. But the difference in the legal system between a minor and an adult is extreme, and for a very good reason. I have expressed my surprise and dismay to hear that they are being tried as adults, based on my belief that this is their first offense and run-in with the law. I may be sorely mistaken in this belief but if this is their first brush with the law, I don't see why they should be tried as adults. I believe they should face the consequences of their actions but I also believe it is possible to punish them too much. Would you agree that there is a limit to what punishment they should get? If so, we merely have a difference of opinion as to the amount of consequence. Again, I am NOT arguing for clemency or leniency, I'm arguing for appropriate measures. As I said before, it could be jail time, hundreds of hours of community service, anger management therapy, etc., but I believe prison and a permanent record is too harsh a punishment. Do you really think that's appropriate for first-time offenders?

    Again, I also can't blame Shine or the parents for what individuals have done of their own free will. However, I will hold them responsible for meting out an APPROPRIATE punishment to send a very strong and clear message to others.

    And yes, concerned, angry and scared parents can make quite an effective mob, easily manipulated by an ambitious and unscrupulous DA. Just a few years ago, Janet Reno and Martha Coakley destroyed lives based on a web of lies, but they had the willing support of thousands of duped parents. One later became the Attorney General of the US, and the other came close to being a senator.

    Jim Amico

    continued....Matt - A mobs blood thirst? In Rye's best interest?

    What Mob....concerned, angry & scared parents?

    Rye's best interest?.....that's why we are where we are Matt....BECAUSE IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT "RYE" & NOT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!!!

    Had it been about the kids Matt, Dr. Shine and everyone else in Authority positions would have put an end to this S*** long ago...but No, God For Bid we damage those Real Estate Values and our Blue Ribbon status, by all means Matt, don't jeopordize that, instead lets let the kids drag each other off into the woods and beat the S*** out of each other with logs & 2x4's....YES, THAT IS THE ANSWER MATT!!!

    I have to say Matt, you have really disappointed with comments like this!!!

    Here is another million dollar question for you Matt....why do you think they buried all the facts surrounding Councilwoman Suzanna Keith's incident on the night of May protect her or RYE???

    Jim Amico


    U know as well as everyone around here I wear my heart on my sleeve and I never sway from my opinions or change my tune....I'm very curious to know why you have?

    When this story first broke your initial reaction pretty much had these kids hanging by a noose, did someone pay you a visit?

    Read all my posts and you will see as always my opinion HAS NEVER CHANGED!

    So again, I did say in a response to your post.......
    "I agree & disagree, this is a tough one, yes the punishment needs to fit the crime but with a Y.O. status they walk as if it never happened...I don't want to see their lives ruined but what about the lives they possibly ruined???

    If these kids skate with a slap on the wrist and the victims lives are permanently damaged....then what?"

    I don't think I need to explain my feelings for children of any age to anyone, this no one can deny!

    Matt, your comments blow me away..
    "I don't believe it's in Rye's best interest to start tossing out historical precedent to satisfy a mob's blood-lust for vengeance."


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