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    Honest Citizen,
    You can't be serious? Bob Schubert is no threat to anyone what so ever!

    The Gates? Now that is beyond laughable! Can't wait until all this blows up in their face, they held the original key that started the engines. Wow, you truly are blind and obviously on the wrong side of all this.

    This could have all gone away for peanuts compared to the money we will probably have to fork over in the lawsuit.

    Did you not just read what Mr.Amico posted, get with the program!!!

    It's raining out, maybe you should step out into it, it might just wake you up!!!


    I grew up in Rye. I went to school there, raised some of my family there. My parents were business owners right there on Purchase st. I am ashamed of the City of Rye for allowing this to happen. Since when is going to your town hall a crime? Did Rye become that elite that the police dept are puppets? Who s putting what in who;s pocket for this to occur? All I can say .. Is shame on you Town hall and the Puppet Police. What a disgrace

    Jim Amico

    First of all, don't be afraid to put your name behind your words!
    Let the City and the Officials behind this massive blunder know they are no longer welcome, your real name will send the message just how serious you truly are!

    As for what happened, this is all just a ploy to shut down Mr.Schubert! Just like when they arrested me in January of 2010....when you are right and your voice becomes more powerful than theirs, this is how Rye City Officials handle things,watch out Ray, you are sure to be next,lol!

    They didn't have to arrest the man, just slapping him w/the restraining orders would have been sufficient!

    I let them off the hook, I should have filed a law suit!
    I thought I could do more good by not filing a lawsuit, wow, wish someone would have kicked me back then!

    They must have been shaking in their boots, in Ms.Parkers case, "go go boots", when Mr.Schubert "threatened" them. Yup, that Mr.Schubert is a dangerous man, all 100lbs of his frail body, he can hardly walk without stopping for a breather, guess I would have been scared as well......WHAT A JOKE!!!

    Spend $30,000, admit wrong doing and give Bob back his water or continue the cover up and let Mr.Schubert sue us for 5 Million....hmmmmmm, tough decision, I think I will go for the lawsuit behind door number 1 Bob! Taxpayers won't mind!!!

    For the record everyone, I warned all the necessary City Officials before they hired Kristen Wilson and before the lawsuit was filed, that Bob Schubert had concrtete evidence, documents that would surely bury all the involved parties, I read all of them, they existed then and they exist now!

    Guess what taxpayers, we WILL BE LOSING a 5 million dollar lawsuit, you don't need to be a lawyer to figure this one out!!!!!

    How about all the change people, isn't it just grand....Don't forget, Mayor French's entire slate ran on "the need for change"


    honest citizen

    God Bless him that he defended our country in WWII. Our former Naturalist let a couple of years go by before she said there was a cover-up. I still think she was a disgruntled employee. She disappeared from the picture as soon as she said there was a cover-up. Just say for instance, that Mr. Shubert did drive his car into Parker's or bring a gun into City Hall and seriously hurt someone or something just "to make a point". Everyone thinks he is a hero because he served our country. He was when he served our country. The man in Tucson snapped and didn't care how many people he killed. What happens if God forbid Shubert did the same thing. How many of his followers would say the Police didn't do there job then. Was the former City Manager really wrong when he called in professional help for Mr. Shubert. Maybe if someone had done the same for the man in Tucson, he would still be alive today. The experts INCLUDING Mr. Shubert's expert did not say it was 100% wet lands or that the neighbors did anything wrong. There is not 100% proof that their home improvement did anything to the pond. It was wonderful that Mr. Shubert served in WWII but can you imagine the nightmare that the Gates are going thru?

    Change in the wrong direction

    An 87 year old veteran that defended us in World War II. Nice job Rye, first take his water, then send him to the loony farm and if that’s not enough let’s try and put him in jail, instead of addressing his problem. If we would have addressed his problem in the beginning this would never have been an issue and we wouldn't be facing a 5 million dollar lawsuit. Otis dropped the ball and you people are even worse. Can we handle any more change?

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