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    The address was unnecessary to the import of the report AC.

    Some might feel this akin to double victimization. Specifically the homeowner.

    I think an old editor’s adage holds true here – the proper role of journalist is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

    Average Citizen

    Ted, you're probably right about printing the address, but what harm do you think might happen now that the address is public?


    Jay I wish you had omitted the specific address from that official report. Lohud did and while all of us living in that part of town saw the multi-hour investigation in progress I wish the world at large didn’t know the exact location.


    I as many Rye residents want to know what and how this effects our safety however it is not appropriate that you post this families address especially with out police consent. How would you feel if you were these people. What a better story would be is to notify Rye residents that there was a break in and they should be aware not to allow people into their homes. To call police if an unknown person knocks on the door. This is a small town you are not witness news respect your neighbors!

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