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    Rye Skater

    Jim, my article did go up on and the comments have been plentiful and insightful. Check it out. Thanks for your insights and help.

    Jim Amico

    Rye Skater,

    You are welcome and thank you.

    My opinion, kids know the law and their rights less than anyone.
    They are an easy target for Officers who seem to think it is okay to take advantage of their Badge and the Children!

    In defense of the school and the cops, I see kids all the time with NO protective gear and when they are on the school grounds they are jumping off stairways, walls and riding down railings!
    I witness this going on everyday on the front side of Midland School! To me, that is insane with no head gear and probably a major liability for the BOE!

    All this being said: there needs to be some kind of dialogue between the City, Schools, Police, Parents, and ofcourse the Kids!
    But no, instead of educating the kids along with themselves on the situation, they as usual bully the taxpayers and the kids with decisions made behind closed doors and badges!

    Rye Skater

    And, Jim re: Badge and a gun, God bless that you don't stand for some of their sense of entitlement and attitude. I met a guy - skating - who was an "out of towner" and dated a beach club woman from Rye. They broke up, the usual emails back and forth, apparently nothing too crazy, and the cops were literally calling and emailing him threatening him to go away "or else." He took it to their LT, who said they were out of line and it was not a police matter...this guy retained a lawyer and they stopped, for now...but, how silly...cops using their power vested in them by the State of NY and town of Rye to do a personal favor when this law abiding citizen was doing nothing illegal, nothing unlawful - even according to their won LT., and their peers. If true, and can only imagine at least some of his story was true - sad. Seemed like Brian Dennehy in Rambo.

    Rye Skater

    Jim, thanks! Finally, someone with a sense of clarity. I will email and do what I can...and yeah, the badge and a gun reference reminds me of N.W.A.'s F the Police lyrics. I remember 21 years ago when Straight Outta Compton came out, and they were on the cover of the Village Voice: Wanted By The F.B.I. I thought was so cool...a music act on F.B.I's most wanted list. Ha Ha!

    I wish the schools and town would realize the fun, cool culture they're missing out on with skating...if they'd only tune into ESPN to watch, or YouTube, we could embrace it rather than forcing the kids underground, which is never good. Tony Hawk is about as cool and mainstream as it gets.


    Jim Amico

    Above Avg,Rye Skater,

    I inquired into this. I was told that it is the Schools that do not want this.

    Some Cops, NOT ALL, in all towns, not just here in RYE, think that a BADGE & a GUN comes with the entitlement to DISRESPECT, hence the ATTITUDE!
    I for one don't stand for it, as no one should!
    Don't really get it, but, it is what it is!

    Why are out of town residents (Port Chester, Mamaroneck) allowed to use the School Properties for BasketBall and Soccer whenever they please but not the same very people who pay the tax levy these properties carry???

    My suggestion: Address the City Council and City Manager at a Council Meeting and the BOE @ a BOE Meeting!
    Also, Skate when there are out of town users using the property and then have them tell you that you can't....
    won't that make for a nice DISCRIMINATION LAW SUIT!

    If this continues and I see these "out of town users" using the school grounds, I will be right along side you LOUD AND CLEAR!!!

    Rye Skater

    Avg Citizen: We never skate during prime hours...usually when it's empty. We've been (I've been there) booted from Osborne, Milton, the library (when closed) forget riding on the street (long board) unless it's a back street. And, we can never get an explanation as to why we can't ride. It's just "because." And, even when I'm there, it's wrought with attitude. When I'm not there, adults have been known to yell at the kids. This is nothing new, for decades we've seen it against skaters...despite it being a hugely popular sport now...still looked down upon...which is fine, it is a sub culture of rebellion, non-conformity...we just wanna skate and haven't ever been known to harm anyone or anything.


    Rye Skater,

    I'm curious to know when your kid(s) are being harassed by the RPD while skating at Osborn Elementary:

    During school hours, directly after (3:05) school dismissal, long after (4:00) school dismissal, on the weekends???

    Matt Fahey

    Really?!? -

    "It is ironic that in the City of Rye on the 219th anniversary of our Bill of Rights we do not have government of the people, by the people and for the people."

    Are you permanently stoned? Every one of the members of the city council are fellow residents and citizens. They were elected by the people, and they act in the interests of the people.

    I guess if I were as clueless as you, I'd hide behind a silly moniker also.

    Robert Zahm

    RyeSkater - Never said that you were - a cheat, that is. Nor am I, but that wasn’t my point. Maybe it’s yours, but you sure take a long time to make it. Good luck avoiding oncoming traffic rolling through stop signs, stop lights, etc while you skate your way to what ever nirvana you're seeking.

    Rye Skater

    Sorry, Snowbird...but I don't know the SortaSingle cat...I will write a blog for them, or him, but those cats don't socialize. I've tried...they're like trying to get to know Buckethead. You know Buckethead, right, Snowbird? Course not...

    Snowbird is nothing more than a 4th rate, unpublished writer and non-bloggah, whose claim to infamy is getting a letter posted on years ago. She goes to Rye city council meetings and is a 4th rate critic.

    Snowbird is about consuming - the Rye norm - and not creating.

    Rye Cops budget being cut? Dang, their biggest battle is a keeping the Preparation H flowing 'cause all them fools do is ride around, ride around, ride around, ride around and, then, hassle the wrong people. Who cares?

    Yeah...critics. Suckas like you with not an original idea in your head. I pegged you early on, Schoolmarm. Your sad "letter" is the proof.

    Do nothing. Accomplish nothing. Sit in the audience at council meetings in a tiny town and then blog to the converted about it your judgments of a Mayor trying to do a job that you couldn't do in your lucid dreams.

    Why don't you run for office, sweetheart? C'mon, u da Man!

    With your ability to write a speech like an automaton and you ability to put readers to sleep, I'm sure you'd slay the competition.

    And, jeez-us...what's with the rhetorical questions, that's dull, no? What are we, in Paris?

    Vous êtes stupide américaine, non?

    And, you apparent effort to not end sentences in prepositions - schoolmarm - went out of fashion 60 years ago.

    Grammarians, editors, proofreaders...blah - zero talent so you turn to being a 4th rate critic in Rye.

    So as I hit out tomorrow to design a new board and ride an Ollie, you'll be writing your paint-by-numbers commentaries on local politics. And, at 3pm when I need a nap, I'll log on just to ensure I fall asleep...

    And, sorry...we bloggers are not the same. We are bandits, it comes and goes, we congregate, and blog on each other's blogs, we tag with our URLs and that's a bloggah's life, and them's the breaks. We are digital reincarnations of Jean-Michel Basquait. And, you ain't no Schnabel.

    Damn, I bet you don't even know which restaurant has Schnabel's work on their wall in the West Village. Go ahead, enlighten us.

    Now remember your cheesy mantra and your lame grammarian lifestyle and download some Biggie Smalls to get wit it:

    “This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put.”

    Jay and Bob - Clerks - The Black Label Society is outta here. Snowbird and her pedestrian prose and lack of flavor is a profound bore.

    So, we ride on. (BTW: good luck trying to block a single IP address, your inspiration - China - just locks the whole firewall down. Ya pretty much can't block a single IP. Just add an approval stage to your process. Standard. Though, the traffic must be nice.)

    As for SortaSingle...good luck, dude(s), I noticed you cats didn't log on and comment on this rhetoric, which is cool. Let your work speak for itself, as you have. People like Chairman don't use chairs at museums (if she even goes) because she's too ADD and superior to spend a few hours gazing at a single painting..."i don't get it" and off to the salad bar she goes.

    BTW: Dull as Hell Charmain...the proper perspective on Rye, from you, should have been..and you too Bob or Jay or whatever, that, yeah, Rye has it's sordid side...Apapwamis can be insane at times...cheating, drugs at The Pub...but there are some cool people at Shenerock, Kelly's Sea Level, the YMCA and though we accept the Wall Street crowd...Rye has been, and always will be, a Sound Shore community that thrives in spite of such shenanigans.

    Char're like the cheater who rationalizes the cheating, the dope head who needs another fix and will say anything to get it, the person who won't fixate on her reflection for fear of recognizing who and what her town really is.

    Yeah, I've seen the cheating, the drugs, the heartbreaks, the families torn to shreds by it, the arranged marriages where Mr. Wall Street flips the wife $15K a month to shut up and they both roll off to do what they want.

    We may be bandits, wind up artists, bloggahs, digital graffiti artists, jerks, punks, Warholian in our pursuit of 15 minutes of fame, as you said, Bob, but this is what we are not:

    We are not LIARS. We are not CHEATS.

    And those people - those you defend - they are liars, cheats, immoral, scum of the Earth and be it biblical or not...time brings all things to light.

    Cya at the skate park, when it opens in April.

    Skater78 (yeah, Milton parent.) Boy-eee!

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