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    Matt Fahey

    5 minutes ago - shots fired at the Osborn. not a ticked off senior going postal, just a Rye cop doing his job doing his duty to protect us... never thought the sound of shots fired would be such a comforting sound...


    Okay, so here we are again talking about another young child, this time a "3 YEAR OLD", UNSUPERVISED at night, being attacked by a coyote in a neighborhood known for wildlife...PARTICULARY COYOTES!

    What will it take for these DUMB parents to wake up.......

    These poor little kids are probably traumatized and will probably have nightmares and fear of their own pets for a very long time because of the lack of common sense used by their parents!
    Since we have so many Parents with very little common sense in Rye how about the City of Rye and Westchester County put a mandatory curfue for after dusk until this is resolved!!!!

    Matt Fahey

    This just in... another coyote attack in the vicinity of Rye Gardens, at roughly 8:10 PM on Tuesday. A little 3-year-old was attacked by one the size of a German Shepherd. County cops searching the area.

    Time for open season on these critters...

    Average Citizen

    Tom, why all the sarcasm?

    Your original post didn't give a clue as to who the letter was written. All I did was ask.

    tom siano

    uhm the tell "The City". Is there an email address for that?

    Honestly and actually at tonights meeting you will find out the City/town Council knew of this situation in February.

    Have fun tonight at the meeting because at this point all the authorities now know what they have to do now. (Im VERY glad that little girl was not grabbed by the throat). Otherwise we would be in a different place right now on this. Thank God.


    I agree AboveAvgCit – it would be our luck as a community here to have someone hurt by a misdirected projectile directed in haste. (Although a big piece of me is right there with Matt – sick of assurances about being protected and about “the nature of the animal” and then all of a sudden a little kid gets mauled in her own yard. Dirty Harry, call your office.)
    There have been authorized Grey Squirrel hunts here over the years –like when a population boom in the late 1960’s left many of the poor things starving all over town. My father engaged an off duty Rye City police department member who brought his squirrel rifle to our area and dispatched a few with our neighbor’s blessings. People in other sections of Rye did the same. I hated seeing it but the population then stabilized and I’ve never thought it necessary since. Today, like then, I believe we have an exceptional circumstance. And this time these particular animals would apparently rather eat us than starve.


    Other than coming across insensitive, Sgt.Hunter is correct. Please explain to me how this is a "POLICE ISSUE"?

    Where does the "PARENT" responsibility lye?

    With the RPD membership at an all time low what in the world do all of you expect them to do???

    Now we expect them to run around chasing Coyotes with their guns drawn shooting wildly...who are you going to blame when a stray bullet enters your home???

    Let's all take a deep breath and think wisely please before someone gets seriously hurt or worse!!

    There are much smarter and safer ways to approach this than COPS pulling their guns and shooting away!!!

    Average Citizen

    Tom, all I was asking was about the letter you posted. It just said "To all." I was just asking you who you sent that latter to. Was it the City?

    Thats all...

    Matt Fahey

    Does anyone honestly believe the police can take care of this problem by themselves? The naive might believe that they have guns and can therefore shoot the coyotes (thus taking care of the problem), but the reality is, the police are trained more to deal with human problems, not animal problems. They don't pull their guns lightly. Additionally, they can't be everywhere at once, and coyotes tend not to stay still long enough for the police to get to where they were last seen. Like a greased pig, they're notoriously hard to pin down - it took 3 days to find a coyote in Central Park recently. To rely fully on the police to solve this problem is whistling Dixie.

    Rabid or not, we shouldn't let any coyote feel comfortable in Rye, and not just because they don't pay any taxes.

    So, what can we do, aside from hoping a cop is near enough to flag down when we see these critters, and that he's willing to "dispatch" it? Plenty -

    - Be like Teddy. Tread softly, and carry a big stick.
    - Carry a whistle or an airhorn, and don't be afraid to use it. If you hear one, realize a coyote might be nearby.
    - Carry mace the spray, mace the flail, or a machete.
    - Be alert for anything behind you. Remember, these vermin like to attack from behind.
    - If you see a coyote, make lots of noise, raise your hands, and DO NOT BACK DOWN, and DO NOT TURN AROUND! (Coyote often kill their prey by attacking from behind, targeting the head or neck - if they get a small child by the neck, suffocation is possible by crushing the windpipe). Use the mace or stick to repel or threaten it. Report it to the cops.
    - If you put your garbage out at night, pour some ammonia on top of the can (this helps repel raccoons, too).
    - On the off chance you're practicing your constitutional right to carry by sporting your new .357 Magnum with soft-nose bullets, consider putting one between the eyes of that critter. You'll be the envy of your alpha-neighbors, and the market price for a coyote pelt will more than offset the cost of the bullet.

    tom siano

    Who did I tell you ask? you mean other than the Rye police on April 30, The entire Hix Park community email chain, a Scout Leader who sees Doug French at Scout Meetings. hum.
    I was going to do like most of the USA and call a celebrity to help me or blame O'bama... but held off on that plan. I decided to just be a real man and call the RPD myself and notify all who I live with.

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