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    I am not pissed at all, just stating the facts and if you believe otherwise then spend the time to prove them wrong, there are facts and there are accusations,
    in the mean time...yada yada yada!


    I guess I hit a nerve. Does that AboveAvgCitizen title you've given yourself entitle you to be judge and jury too?

    What's the verdict on the missing money?

    Congratulations on your living situation. Please let me know when you find a suitable home for a family under $600,000 and suitable Rye residents who want a police position.

    As we all know, there are two sides to every story and somehwere in the middle is the truth. Your throwing stones has nothing to do with
    this particular topic. In general, you've voiced a lot of critiscm that seems specifically directed. It makes one wonder what you are really pissed at.



    wrong on all accounts as for how I survive on comparable income, it's all good.

    so I guess the kid beat the crap out of himself so he could sue???
    and I should get real?

    It's a FACT! they/rye are being sued bc it happened, why don't we wait for the results and then you can come back and tell me how I throw stones!


    That's right, no one is perfect. There are no guarantees when hiring someone. Is there an oversupply of Rye residents looking to become officers or something?

    I originally posted on here because of the accusations I was reading. You are guilty of casting stones yourself. Why is it "innocent until proven guilty" for one and not another? Everyone is entitled to their opinion but when you openly contradict yourself, one starts wondering about underlying motivations.

    When you talk about lawsuits for the city, how about the lawsuits involving the same individual accused of stealing the PBA money. There were obviously other motivations involved. The point is, this person has been removed from authority whether by choice, by force or by shame. As I asked previously, where is the money and what is happening with this? Does anyone know?

    If "innocent until proven guilty", what's with the rant about the lawsuit regarding officer Compagnone?

    As far as living in Rye on a cop salary, get real. Short of inheriting a home, buying years ago in a down market, getting a deal from a relative, living in a shoebox or living in a condo, there is no afordable housing for that level of income. That is why many live outside of Rye. I imagine that you have lived in Rye for quite some time and probably bought at a time less inflated as now and have paid some of your mortgage down. I don't need to know the specific income to have common sense.



    No one is perfect and not saying any one is, every one makes mistakes.
    We hire outside our community with little or no concern to the individuals background, at least if we hire from within we know something about the person...personality, family, temperament, etc.

    As for the "alleged" PBA incident... it is just that, an allegation, last time I checked the law is "innocent til proven guilty".

    You don't seem to know much about their salaries, I make equal income and live in Rye. Granted I don't live on the water, all those cops can afford to live in Rye and many do!

    You say my post go deeper than average, I'm just tired of people casting stones, it's disturbing!

    Last time I looked there was only one God and he is still NRI!


    Your posts seem to go a bit deeper than normal concern for community (or common sense as you wrote). I am aware that many documents are public record. Your statement about hiring Rye residents as officers is amusing. I don't think it makes much difference where they come from as evidenced by the "alleged" theft of money from the PBA? That individual lives in Rye. By the way, what's the latest on that? Where is the money?

    You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. People complain about the money they pay for police/ems but expect immediate service. Then you try to "trim the budget" and the minute there is a delay or incident, everyone is up in arms. You get what you pay for !!!

    I'm sure that if you looked at the lifestsyles of many cops, you'd probably find they are not living high on the hog. I'd say that the sacrifices they make (like working when you and I are enjoying the holidays, being away from their families and risking their safety to protect us) might be worth a little slack.

    As for hiring Rye residents, where can you live and raise a family in Rye on their salary.?. Curiously, does the "AboveAvgCitizen" name relate to your community service, your income or something else?



    Cops keep daily activity sheets of their shifts.
    Most of the things written about are available to the public. The lawsuit brought forward against the officers involved is PUBLIC RECORD!
    No accusations...just the Cold Hard Facts!

    One doesn't need to be wronged by police, be a cop or in government to have a little common sense.

    Franco must have hit his head when he fell off the cross.

    All of a sudden he paints himself as some kind of saint, spare us!

    Maybe the next cops we hire will be Rye people instead of loose canyons from Mt.Vernon!

    "Just because we yearn for something, doesn't mean we're deserving of it".

    You Have Said a Mouthful!!!!


    Wow, the accusations are flying on here. All government is the same. Either get involved and change it or stop complaining about it. If we all learned to simplify our lives and live within our means, we probably wouldn't be in half of the trouble we're in. Just because we yearn for something, doesn't mean we're deserving of it.

    Curiously, AboveAvgCitizen, how do you know so much detail about the activities of the police department? Were you wronged by the police, are you former police or are you in Rye government? What's with the activity log you keep writing about?



    Your hilarious, notice you are taking the coward way out and not answering the questions!
    Your excuse that you need my identity doesn't fly.

    The truth shall set you free!!!


    Of course it doesn't matter when it comes to Mr. Above average, because your above it all, you tell it like it is! You deflect from the whole debate/topic of the Letter with making baseless lies and allegations against myself and other officers. You don't tell the most important fact, your identity, because your a coward. If you were about "like it is" come to a Police Association meeting, voice your complaints but you won't. So Mr. Santa Claus you have no credibility here as long as you hide behind that poison pen name and attack people, articles and letters on MyeRye, you are a hypocrite.

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