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    Posted by: honest citizen
    "It doesn't matter how long Compagnone knew about the discrepancies in the accounts. The fact is he knew about it and he came forward. For all of you who say he is a "rat" - he came forward with the truth."


    Oh, but it does matter! "He came forward with the truth" (aka SNITCH)perhaps because it was part of the deal he cut for himself!!
    If he were clean himself , he should have come forward with the information immediately.


    Honest Citizen,

    One side of any story is never the truth!

    I am not saying Tim is innocent, I am also not saying he is Guilty, all his critics want him to be Guilty!

    Being accused of something doesn't make a person Guilty!

    It will be quite sometime before we have "all the answers" and until then no one is guilty!

    I hope for the sake of the City of Rye and the PBA along w/Compagnone himself that Officer Compagnone isn't proven wrong!!!

    Compagnone isn't the sharpest knife in the draw, I think I will sit back and watch this one unfold!
    Should be one for the ages! Popcorn Anyone?

    honest citizen

    It doesn't matter how long Compagnone knew about the discrepancies in the accounts. The fact is he knew about it and he came forward. For all of you who say he is a "rat" - he came forward with the truth. Please God I hope Tim rots in jail for all of the things he has or has tried to do.


    Jim, so are you saying that you never have posted under URKIDDNME???


    After getting a first look at some of the background documents provided so far by (Thank you, Jay) I had a flashback to a scene from the movie “Wall Street” where the young stock broker, played by Charlie Sheen, is arrested in his office and taken out in cuffs. Charlie’s human weasel of a boss – a guy who lords Charlie’s skills for making money over much of the rest of the staff until it is exposed that Charlie is linked to a massive inside trading case – dramatically turns on a dime and denounces Charlie with a venomous “I always knew he was some kind of cheat!” or some such retort.

    In this case I believe the human weasel role may be being played by the “shocked” union leader(s) but I’m much less certain that Mr. Chittenden is guilty of anything at all much less an outright crime. And of course no official response has yet been provided by Mr. Chittenden – this is typical when charges are brought to the media to shock and sway public opinion in advance of some pending non-public issue not yet identified to the rest of us non combatants.

    Before the media got the tip about any of this it was becoming known throughout the city that “they finally got Chittenden.” Like with the arrest of Jimmy Amico a few weeks back, the carrier of this “happy” news was allegedly a member of the embattled senior management of the Rye PD. That if true presents a curious pattern – one any detective could I believe recognize. Much more to come here I think but I’m not sure current union management has yet demonstrated anything more than a sudden remorse for the cumulative disbursements associated with running the union while fighting a so named “frivolous and retaliatory” series of actions against the former Rye City administration. Again, thanks for the documents Jay.


    "Bye Bye Franco!"

    Posted by: URKIDDNME

    UR? I believe Bi Bi would be more fitting in his case LMAO!

    Jim Amico

    Nice assumption.

    When I have something to say, and you all know I usualy do, you can be sure you will know it came from me!

    Timmy is a dear friend, not worried about him, he can take care of his own business.

    Leave me out of this!


    Jim, why do you post under your real name sometimes (Jim Amico) and then also under another (URKIDDNME)?

    Pick one or the other.


    How come no one has heard from this guy? at least statements where made by the PBA President, they clearly state they have bank statements that support every dime of that 180 thousand number, its not "alleged" or or "not exactly sure" or "imaginary", its the facts. the fact is that Dunkin and Ukiddin refuse to face these factual accountings for what he did. Come respond to the Facts, show your face hold your head up high and take responsibility. living in the world of the "blogs" is not going to make you immune to the Facts, Civil and criminal charges. Deflecting is at best immature, which you are the master of, But just like you blinked when the city drew a line in the sand in regards to your disciplinary and you retired before you could as you always stated "prove them wrong" and "expose the city and department heads" you ran, you fought the battle till D day finally came and then ran home with your tail between your legs.

    Franco Compagnone

    I think Dunkins and Ukidinme's Home is gonna be on MTV "cribs" the criminal version. show off the boat, the 5 cars, pool Table, 60 inch lcd TV, living the life! wonder if he bought all that in cash and it corresponds to when Cash with drawls where made from the PBA account? ohhh well i am sure Janet will have a court order to gather all that info, they have professional auditors , even for those accounts made to the maiden name. but yeah back to those other violent officers, please lock your doors everyone! But instead welcome happy go lucky Tim into your home where he will smile at you while he robs you blind. hypocrite is what he is

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