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    Ray Ray
    Can't answer the toilet bowl issue and jumps to the sea WALL.
    You fraud, you hypocrite, you just plain liar.
    Self centered pest.
    Honor Ray ,you have none.
    Flush! Flush! flush!

    Quincy Dolan

    His sewage disposal system is no better than anyone else's on Hen Island.

    Posted by: voice of reason | August 10, 2009 at 10:13 PM

    And, either he has lied about adding septic fields or he has installed them illegally.

    voice of reason

    Gee Jack. Kinda changing the subject are we ?. Get your boss to put up or shut up. Where are the septic fields ?. Who installed them ? I urge everyone in this board to press idiot boy for this information. I guarantee he won't answer because HE CAN'T. There ARE no septic fields. His sewage disposal system is no better than anyone else's on Hen Island.

    Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)

    Here is another example of How “A community rich in character” one where the Island was issued a violation for in 2007. Building a seawall without a permit was the exact charge. If anyone wants to object to the illegal 40” $90,000.00 seawall you can come to the planning board meeting tomorrow night @ 7 and voice your opinions about how Hen Island doesn’t have to abide by the laws that everyone else in Rye has to comply with. No plans, no approvals, no engineering consultants. They just build whatever they want whenever they want, with no regard for the environment or the law. Happy to see Ray is finally getting Rye to pay attention and enforce the laws. Mr. Miller "Tear down this wall!"

    Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)

    voice of reason

    Well, well. Jackie me boy. Finally an admission that Tartaglione's sewage disposal system may be illegal. Hey Ray, I'm callin' you out. Tell us where the septic fields for YOUR house are. If you can't or won't then do us all a favor and shut your mouth.

    Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)

    “A community rich in character”
    Here is an example of how the Hen Island community so “rich in character” treats the environment.

    Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)

    Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)

    Hay, get it? Hay,
    I think you are all illegal according to the City of Rye Sewage Ordinances and that includes Ray. Here is a link to the law for your review.

    and here is the guy that is letting the illegal use continue. Remember him on Election Day.

    Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)

    voice of reason

    Ray -

    I asked before but got no response. I don't remember any septic fields being installed. If so, where are they ? How is the sewage removed from the collection tank ?. Do you have an ejector pump installed ?.
    Silence is deafining. BTW, with regard to the cottage that has been abandoned for 12 years. That pipe you see is for gray water IIRC. It is too narrow to have a toilet connection to it.


    wow rules dont apply to ray or his friends.. wow perfect example of a man who is purely rich in dollar terms bullying a community rich in character wowowow

    Quincy Dolan

    I have a better idea, Ray. Why don't you call Lenny Meyerson and ask him yourself?

    It has already been confirmed by his department that "adding septic fields" is illegal without a permit from Westchester County DOH.

    And, performing that work in a wetlands buffer is also illegal without a wetlands permit from the City of Rye. You can ask Christian Miller about that.

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