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    Mr. Floatie

    Maybe we can meet at Ruby’s or the Pub with Pam! I am a great swimmer, have a buoyant personality and love the water. Community-minded and environmentally involved. I love karaoke in the bathtub and sing professionally as well. I do a mean set of moves that any contestant on dancing with the stars would envy, and would be happy to teach a new partner the same. My favorite is writing fun song parodies. I am not a fussy person who requires a lot from a mate. I would like to meet someone with good taste that could help in the process of finding and decorating our dream home on the water in Rye. I am tall, dark and handsome, sweet, innocent, friendly and marriage minded. To learn more about me and see me in action you can view me in one of my recent website projects at click on the “fun with their failures” section and click on “Meet Mr. Floatie”. I’m the one with the yellow hat. If interested, you can e-mail me directly from the website.
    Looking foward to meeting everyone,
    Mr. Floatie

    Claudio Iodice

    It appears to me that Mr. Tartaglione and his campaign is building up steam. Those that are annoyed or disgusted by him feel the only attack that
    they can make is on Mr. Tartaglione himself.

    I have known Ray for a long time and I have never heard of
    any mention of him owning property in New Rochelle and to top it off, a
    strip club. This is unequivocally and absolutely untrue. On the many occasions
    that I have been with Mr. Tartaglione the only thing he likes that are
    naked are his girlfriend and his Perdue chicken.

    Claudio Iodice
    A Hen Island neighbor and supporter


    Where is he today? I want a candy bar!

    Garnet Graduate

    RT is full of #@$%.
    RT owns real estate in New Rochelle including a strip club.
    RT acts like he's looking out for Rye residents. All he's doing is making longtime Hen Island residents spend money on lawyers. His current publicity stunts aren't working. Look out for flying turd blimp next!


    that's excellent! now i know what i'm going to be for halloween!

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