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    Michael Johnson

    I chose not to respond to the individual who signed as "voiceofreason" .....The individual who chose not to use their name....I think the reason is obvious....I'm somewhat nonplussed by this individual's agreement with Mr. Iodice's position then subsequent attack of Mr. Tartaglione...Mr. Iodice and Mr. Tartaglione are an alliance....The comments of "voiceofreason" are made by by someone who has, "spent a good deal of time out on Hen Island"....Is it your opinion Mr. Iodice DID perform due diligence?...He purchased a campsite on Hen Island, I suspect after he visited during a summer season...I guess I'm missing something....My opinion is that Claudio Iodice would not purchase a "pig in a poke".He's not a stupid person...

    Interested Party

    Who are you to demand that someone has their house and property forcibly taken away from them?

    Perhaps your house should be torn down and taken by the City or County because your neighbor doesn't like the color it is painted.


    I have been watching this dispute with a modicum of interest for a while now and have some thoughts on the matter. Having spent some considerable time on Hen Island, I have to agree with Mr.Iodice that the island is a mosquitoe-infested place with dangerous conditions. There is no question that sewage treatment is either non-existent or primitive at best. Most of the buildings are non-compliant as are the electrcal systems and water systems. Hen Island has become a thorn in the side of both City and County officials. Therefore, I am calling for the immediate and unconditional removal of ALL cottages and buildings from Hen Island and return the island to its natural state. Perhaps the County could condemn the property by emminent domain and use the island for passive recreational use such as Calf Island off the Greenwich coast. This course of action would accomplish a number of things:
    1) It would remove Mr. Tartaglione's childish behavior from the already over-crowded court calendar.
    2) City and County officials could spend more time doing the things they were elected to do.
    3) It would remove the dangerous and unsanitary conditions that they say exist.
    I am reminded of the old story of the guy that bought a house next to the local airport then wanted the airport closed because of the noise. This man obviously did not do his due diligence. Mr. Tartaglone, neither did you.

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