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    Ray Tartaglione

    Sorry Pal, It's not my house it's the one next door...And they are still using the same sewage pit for their urine,etc...

    You're not Serious, Are You?

    Mr. Flotie writes:

    "Home-made bombs on Hen Island…


    I encourage everyone to go to the youtube link above and watch it. Is Mr. Flotie purposely sabotaging his house on Hen Island in order to start a fire, burn down Hen Island to prove a point?

    You're not Serious, Are You?

    Has Mr. Flotie purposely created a dangerous situation on Hen Island?

    You're Not Really Serious, Are you?

    So you purposely created a situation that you thought would be dangerous so you could burn Hen Island down? That's f*cked up.


    And I forgot PROPANE must not be flammable either in those 6 unpermitted tanks next to the unpermitted hot water heater and the unpermitted electrical system. And for the record I am licensed and take the building codes VERY seriously. But hey, When you get blown clean off the shitter I will be happy to say " I told you so"


    So now gww is also a chemist. What other expertise does he have besides BS.

    You're Not Really Serious, Are you?


    So you purposely installed a composting toilet that gives off methane gas incorrectly so it would start a fire or create an explosion? Is that what I'm see here? Since you didn't need a permit to install a composting toilet, you just went ahead and installed it right next to the hot water heater assuming it was producing methane gas so you would have an ignition source ? That's f*cked up.

    Gray Water Willy

    Ray Tartaglione writes:

    "Home-made bombs on Hen Island…"

    There is no methane gas in a composting toilet you knucklehead. The composting process doesn't give off methane gas. If there was a pile of sh*t in that composting toilet without any carbon added then you may be right but since you didn't mention that composting toilet stinking to high heaven there was no methane gas present. Stop your bullsh*t Ray. You always clear your throat when your lying. Ever notice that? You cleared your throat about 10 times in that video.

    Ray Tartaglione

    Home-made bombs on Hen Island…

    Ray Tartaglione

    There are only two types of people that would continue to attempt to protect the Hen Island community. (A community that continues to pollute the waters and increase the threat of West Nile Virus in Rye.)

    Those from Hen Island that would not want to correct the problems and those who support Doug French’s efforts to help protect his Meadow Place friend and neighbor, Ed Volpe who BTW is now a member of the Board of Directors for Hen Island. Volpe did such a great job getting French to help with the cover-up they made him a member of the Board.

    Anyway here is Doug French's Legacy: Part I

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