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    P. StephenLamont

    Friends of Candidate Lamont,have you met our good friend yet?

    P. StephenLamont

    Where the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. often cited that “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice(1), ” and so it must be in Rye.
    (1) Of Justice and the Conscience, Theodore Parker (1857)


    West Nile Virus (WNV) in not native to Rye, it first arrived in the U.S. through entry in NYS in 1999. Thousands of Milton Point yacht and beach club patrons and Rye residents have zero natural immunity to WNV - nor other newly introduced exotic deadly mosquito borne diseases. Hen Island’s crude disheveled cistern tanks hold over 30 THOUSAND gallons of stagnant stored rainwater. Mosquitoes continue to access these systems, breed and hatch by the tens of thousands and circulate throughout Rye and Mamaroneck at will.

    Try refusing a Rye City Police Officer when he tells you to empty your half-gallon bird bath. Tell him YOU have “private property rights.” Tell him he has no right to trespass and no right to issue summons’s for public health infractions. Go ahead – try it.

    HEN ISLAND - Toxic Neo-Luddism vs. Simple Math

    - Comprehensive engineering and construction studies of 3 islands - $25K

    - Potable deep water wells drilled and lined on each of 3 islands - $30K

    - Potable water sealed well water holding tank & equipment - 3 islands - $15K

    - Sanitary sewer septic field engineering studies for 2 islands - $10K

    - Sanitary sewage holding tank engineering study of 1 island - $5K

    - Legally permitted & inspected group sanitary sewer installations – 3 islands - $75K

    - Demolition of multiple illegal non-conforming sewage pits and outhouses - $10K

    - Removal of all illegal demolished systems & materials from the islands - $10K

    - SUBTOTAL of all of the above - $180K

    - Spent by tiny seasonal resident minority fighting to prevent the above to date - $450K+

    - A Clean, Safe & Legal Milton Harbor for all Rye Residents & Visitors…


    P. StephenLamont

    and...Turd is the Word,

    Pick your want to talk mosquitoes, let's do it; you want to talk urine, I'm all for it; you want to talk feces, make sure you arrive with a clean diaper. You want to talk about what a self esteemless, wretched, garbage mouth you are, and I AM ALL IN!

    P. StephenLamont

    Turd is the Word,

    You have some serious, serious self esteem issues going on...what enough love when you were a litte/teen/middle aged girl? Not our problem! I have challenged you to a debate to discuss any Rye issue concerning you, but you carefully skirted by that one. Sure, bring your pitiful Republican friends - Volpe/Louse Dumas and Throwaway...and you can all vomit on yourselves from the filthy language you use in a public forum.

    The Turd Is The Word

    LausDeo writes:

    "Heck, with the camera I had on you that night, you might as well have been standing naked in the middle of the street. "

    Sounds like what happened to Peter Fox.

    A turd always carries his camera with him so be careful this Fourth of July weekend!

    BTW, why deos "LausDeo" sound like the turdman? Does the turdman run LausDeo?

    The Turd Is The Word

    It's funny how the turdman hasn't been able to find an entomoligist to agree with his accusations that Hen Island is the source of the mosquitoes in Rye. Not even one who's last name ends in a vowel. Wonder why? If he had one, I'm sure he'd be trotting him out at every Council meeting. What'da say turdman, show us an entomologist that would agree with your accusations. Wait, I know... you know the OSI Refernce model and are a CEO.

    The Turd Is The Word

    For those who will be out and about on this Fourth of July weekend, remember to not drink beer out of a clear cup unless you want to be photographed and accused of drinking urine. Remember the turdman doesn't know the difference between urine and beer when viewed thru a clear plastic cup. Lemonade is definitely out so stick with something on the red side like cranberry juice but don't mix the cranberry juice with dark rum because then it'll look like effluent.

    Ray Tartaglione

    Now that is “protecting the health and safety of the public”!

    Ray Tartaglione

    Once again the mosquito season is upon us and thanks to the non-actions of Mayor French and the Panama Canal type mosquito infestation breeding on Hen Island, Rye’s seniors and children will be subjected to higher exposure rates of West Nile and other mosquito borne illnesses.
    Thirty Three Thousand gallons of stored stagnant water less than 500 feet from our shore clubs, boat clubs and Greenhaven homeowners Association beaches!

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