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    Douglas Willinger

    Build it with extra capacity to add rail and supplement it with another such tunnel connecting Brooklyn with New Jersey.

    Vincent Polimeni

    Another article from "My Rye" paper

    Andrew Schultz

    As a student of the entire history of Long Island Sound crossings, the notion of getting from there to here, here to there, has been around since the time of Native Americans. There was a lively ferry trade before Playland and then especially thereafter. The first recorded proposal for a bridge with a landfall at or near Rye dates to the 1930s. It is nonsense that a privately funded project of this magnitude (it would costs billions) could ever succeed in this era of federal environmental oversight and the endless litigation potential against such a project. Even the great Robert Moses failed at this one! And the likewise great Nelson Rockefeller gave up and stuck the final stake in its heart in 1973. A tunnel idea was recently proposed as part of the Tappan Zee renovation, running from west of Nyack, beneath Westchester and all the way to Long Island. This is just more tilting at windmills and would only exacerbate the problem it is trying to solve by inviting more cars on the road. Study any highway expansion project and the result is always the same - Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta. No thanks!

    russell strafa

    Ha Ha, enjoy your Big Dig Long Island. Maybe it'll get rid of the constipated looks on your snooty faces.

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