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    « Le Portrait Officiel, Cuomo Gift (Not), Boo!, Gobble!: Items on the Rye City Council Agenda for Wednesday, February 7, 2018 | Main | County Boss and Rye Resident Latimer Gets Flu Shot »


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    Cuomo's tunnel is going to be a defining issue of coming elections - until the idea is dead and buried. While an "open mind" may be a way to retain political capital, it is not a way to retain the support of the many Rye residents who would be negatively effected by a tunnel or bridge between Long Island and Rye City.

    Mr. Floatie

    I'm with Divman on this one. She is only in it for her political future.The work load fits with the store operation, the salary and the health benefits follow suit.

    "Catharine Parker the right person to sell luggage and gifts, the wrong person to lead our community"



    Catherine Parker , a Rye resident is open minded to Cuomo's $50bln tunnel plan that would completely destroy Rye ?

    is she serious ?

    the state is broke , we are overwhelmed with state mandated pensions & benefits for our oversized unionized state employees , and we just got hit with loss of SALT deductions and now we talk about a boondoggle like this ?

    and you are so afraid of him you announce ' you are open minded '

    this is precisely why NY is going broke and people with companies and wealth leaving

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