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    Well said Bob. I personally remain mystified by members of our community who develop and then promulgate municipal frauds. Illegally withholding public records to try and claim nothing improper was done only compounds their crimes.

    Examples you ask?

    Who created a 2nd and materially different set of 2015 Rye Golf chemical application records for use with the Westchester DA and Rye Court after the 1st set had served as evidence in a $2.55M AIG insurance settlement?

    Why did the council not tell the public in the fall of 2015 that their own scientific field testing report on the contaminated fungicide told them it produced no damage to living turf when applied at federal & state mandated legal rates and intervals – and that only by far exceeding both of those legal limits was turf death observed approximating that experienced by Rye Golf Club?

    And who benefited, specifically $$$, when federal & state regulated toxic turf chemicals were apparently massively over-purchased and over-applied at Rye Golf in 2014, less than 10 months before all 20 green complexes were killed, on a course that not only borders Rye Harbor but has several holes that are actually directly in its now degraded saltwater marshes?

    And why is Rye Mayor Joe Sack perhaps the only elected official in America that has procured - at Rye taxpayer expense - a court decision protecting his official Rye government emails from lawful FOIL disclosure – every single last one of them?

    Let's get real folks. Civil, fact-based discourse is only possible when an informed public believes there is faithful compliance with state and federal Freedom of Information laws. What could this gavel-happy mayor be hiding in those public business emails, and who tampered with key city records in our multimillion dollar city insurance claim? While the mayor and other council members may have preferred approaches to transparency, the simple FACT is that the suppressed information still belongs to us. And its secrets are going to come out.

    I remain mystified by members of our community who develop and them promulgate conspiracy theories. Lately, that is, unfortunately, the Demos. The hot examples? Accusing the City Council of having pre-agreed a City Strategy Plan that includes relocating DPW to across from Rye Country Day. No proof, but lots of accusations drummed up by the Demos. Thanks, Meg Cameron for your contribution to the Civic Discourse.

    Second example: Demos on the City Council cooked up conspiracy theory that the Mayor is trying to push the DPW re-lo deal with help from Port Chester. Really? The Demos couldn't even explain this tail at the last city council meeting it's so complicated an unlikely.

    Let's get real folks. Civil, fact-based discourse. While the mayor and other council members may have preferred approaches to the strategic plan, the simple FACT is that any such significant spending will require voter approval.

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