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    Fake news, fake controversy. Zzzz.

    Where's the Breen Report, especially the prior Rye City comptroller interviews?

    It's great that creative thought is being given to address long-term DPW capital needs as well as upgrading Rye recreational facilities. But the idea of spending $33 to 39 million to relocate DPW to the last chunk of "green space" in Rye seems extravagant.

    I seem to remember significant capital needs for the police department. And there's also the [cyclical] discussion about down town parking garage.

    Before we’re asked to vote on bond questions, prioritization across the full list of capital spending is needed instead of picking out one or two items that seem most exciting. No one should go on a shopping spree for shiny, new infrastructure spending. Our governor already has that pastime well occupied.

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