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    News that the Commissioner’s orchestrated power-play with The Chiefs using training certifications as an excuse to upend 130 years of voluntary community service & leadership shot through the city grapevine last week like a prairie fire. Local media then fell all over themselves not to cover the story in anything more than an oblique offhanded way.

    The letter above from Mr. Millman is the first recitation of the real issues that I’ve seen - and the public – who expects a full Rye fire crew to arrive in the dead of night to try to save their family’s lives – has been kept almost totally in the dark.

    Shame on elected officials who have been quietly ‘monitoring developments’ of their Commissioner’s dangerous political pratfall here. Instead he and both GOP and Dem Party Chairpersons are motivated to show up at city hall to argue for the cameras about proposed ICE detainer policies.

    Meanwhile the same local volunteers everyone THINKS will show up to pull them from the flames may instead soon be thinking of staying HOME IN BED. That’s dangerous. Much more dangerous than a few missing training certificates when it comes to men who have spent decades leading others into the most hazardous places when all others run out.

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