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    "We help keep the city safe, clean and fun."


    Yeessh. And some say my own MyRye columns run too long.

    Fine sentiments above from someone who lectures about rather than has lived Rye history - and who ran for office specifically on restoring trust, accountability and transparency after the city’s largest fraud. Former Mayor’s Morehead, Grainger & Carey would have no sooner hidden the public corruption forensic accounting report on that scandal, or for that matter their own public business correspondence, from their constituents than danced naked on Purchase Street. But Mr. Sack clearly has other plans that can only thrive in official darkness. What a letdown. And too bad the school children he showers with attention at these events don’t yet know what readers of these columns know and will know in coming months.

    Rest assured however that even with their coming attachments evidencing continuing uncontrolled municipal malfeasance they will definitely be suitably edited to length for reader well being.

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