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    Thanks for this Jay, here's a little more Heimlich/Murray Milton Point history.

    Arthur and Kathryn Murray were friends of my parents and my father was a tennis partner of Arthur’s of many years. The Murray’s tennis court remains almost as it was today at the corner of Forest and Overhill as does their beautiful modern jewel box of a house down the driveway and on the water. Jane and Henry Heimlich’s house was in front of theirs and it was torn down a few years ago and replaced with something much bigger. I don’t remember having much interaction with the Heimlich’s but Mr. Murray (as I called him) used to drive over to our house on Warriston Lane with his white convertible Lincoln Continental with the suicide doors and stand on the front lawn plotting with my father how to dispatch other tennis doubles partners in upcoming matches while I played around in the car. My father had worked his way thru medical school as a summer tennis pro so Arthur, who was supposedly addicted to winning, knew how to spot talent and nurtured it constantly for his benefit. They and the Heimlich’s moved away after the 1960’s – the Heimlich’s to Ohio and the Murray’s to Honolulu where they had a large apartment in a famous oceanfront building near Diamond Head. It was there that Arthur began his second career as an investment advisor.

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