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    Perhaps somebody who actually plans to still be in Rye in 5yrs might stand up at this town meeting and see if our elected leaders are even remotely aware of the massive condo / retail stores complex getting pushed for the old United Hospital site ? Picture a few thousand more cars trying to jam into the wildly overcrowded Route 1 area near the entrance into Kohl's / Whole Foods ? Its physically impossible which means only one thing : those thousands of cars will instead head down Hill Street and end up driving through Evergreen , Grandview , Ridge Street and turn the area into a war zone of cars . Just imagine this every day Rye Country Day is open and their hundreds of drop off cars also pack into those streets .

    Good times coming in Rye . Lets keep focus on banning plastic bags or keeping Playland a money losing falling apart disaster as well as figure out new ways to get around property tax caps to jack our insane taxes even higher to pay for the hundreds of new kids cramming into all those rental buildings that have gone up everywhere in Rye .

    Stick a fork in it , this town is done and it was your leaders you voted for who oversaw it


    Good god . Slow down to 25mph on the major roads through Rye ? It already takes 20 minutes from one side of Rye to other and now it can take longer ?
    Its NOT the speed limits , you numbnuts . Its the massive number of Suburbans , Yukon XLs , and Escalades lumbering through these neighborhoods in long lines to reach schools , clubs , etc and Rye politicians have only themselves to blame for our wildly overcrowded crumbling 3rd world style driving conditions by approving every McMansion and multi-family apartment builders can shoehorn into here . It also explains why the schools are exploding at the seams and taxes need to be jacked higher & higher .

    Yeah , slowing it down to 25mph will fix things .

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