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    Need Change

    Mr. Mehler,
    do you walk your dog on or off his leash?
    Already I dont like this guy based on his press release. If he thinks Rye govt. is strong he already lost.


    Perhaps it’s because Mr. Mehler had such a strong voter turnout last time around -

    is why he naturally considered a simple prewritten announcement dumped on the local press would be sufficient to return his numerous supporters to his cause.

    Or perhaps his noted MIA in public debate over the past year is because he’s shy and/or just likes to think of himself as he apparently appeared at his high school prom –

    (To which, let me add, so do most of us after a certain age.)

    In any case, let the voters decide as there will be plenty of time for Mr. Mehler to bring forth his own case for reform – which he naturally will do once he discovers all the bad stuff he’s apparently been oblivious to, and wisely avoided commenting on thus far, when he steps up to discuss his views candidly in the bright TV lights at city hall.

    Until then please consider this critical changing of the guard on the Rye council bench to be wide open and plenty of support will be on hand for real reformers.

    Mr. Floatie

    @ Jay Sears with no disrespect meant to Jayson,

    I’m throwing my hat in the ring! I do not intend to turn this into a smear campaign. I am going to run on a platform of investigating Scott Pickup! Great behinds stink alike. We need to flush out the issue so everyone knows. We need moral fibre and commitment from our politicians. We need to push together to get some movement on this issue. Mr. Floatie cares deeply for the people of Rye. After all, he is from everyone in Rye, so if people get grumpy, he gets all lumpy, and that's not fun for anyone. It’s a crappy job, but someone has to do it. I’d be happy if I came in number two, but turd place would be a bummer. I’m a single issue, single tissue kind of turd. I am tired of working behind the scenes. I want to become more of a mover and a shaker in this city and I intend to push really hard. I may be the underlog in this race, but I think I can come from behind to win! There's a methane to my madness!

    If you want things to really happen, vote for someone who has his crap together, vote for Mr. Floatie!

    Hill v. Jovanovich McGraw-Hill


    You want to keep Rye's local government strong?

    Are you piped?

    Have you not noticed Rye government is crumbling from lies, deceit, coverups, malfeasance and misfeasance from the top of our government?

    If you haven't noticed or have chosen to ignore all of this you are unqualified for me to vote for you.

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