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    Jim Amico




    Hope you’re well rested and fit. It hasn’t been overly quiet here. In fact we may be getting down to “it” at long long last. But don’t count Rye’s embarrassingly self-entitled political class out. Not by a long shot. “Public service” in today’s Rye does have its privileges. And some who serve have regularly taken full advantage. Its interesting watching what happens when someone finally publicly says what is only for the ears of a select few – and then the lights finally get very bright. It brings to mind what I was told privately by a sitting elected official before a council meeting just a few years ago – “It’s too bad when sometimes good people have to get hurt.”

    “The Rye Community has a right to know the truth, whatever it is and wherever it leads.”

    “Poll: Should the Rye City Council Investigate Dapolite Allegations?”

    “Recordings Reveal Deeper Rye TV Controversy”

    “Sap’s Arisin’, E’en City Hall”

    “NYS Freedom of Info Experts Side with Laus Deo – City Still Refuses to Release RGC Catering Docs”

    Jim Amico



    From Pickup in RSSR:

    “I have found that challenging these revisions only continues the cycle of negativity and conflict,” said the city manager. “It is always disappointing to me that we could not find a more productive outlet for their talents while they were still employed.”

    When has Pickup ever challenged the serious breach of public trust allegations that were made against him?

    Pickup ran away from the Board of Ethics without providing any denials.

    Pickup has refused to deny the allegations in writing under penalty of perjury.

    If what has been published already with regard to Levisky's tape recorded implications of Pickup's misconduct is not true, why hasn't Levitsky been removed for lying about what Pickup said and did?

    How long will Sack, Parker, Brett and Killian allow French, Jovanovich and Filippi to continue this coverup by not investigating these serious allegations of a breach of public trust by Pickup?

    How long will Sack, Parker, Brett and Killian allow our severely damaged goods City Manager to stay in his position?

    Jim Amico


    Q: Tell me, how in the world do " heartless , selfish, self serving individuals" go about putting someone or something before themselves???

    A: ?



    First, let’s set the proper vacation week mood…

    “Then close your eyes - and tap your heals together three times –and think to yourself;
    I’m putting the city’s interests first, I’m putting the city’s interests first, I’m putting the city’s interests first, I’m putting the city’s interests first, I’m putting the city’s interests first, I’m putting the city’s interests first…..

    “NYS Freedom of Info Experts Side with Laus Deo – City Still Refuses to Release RGC Catering Docs”

    “Recordings Reveal Deeper Rye TV Controversy”

    Discouraged? Don’t be.



    Running for Rye City Council this fall? Cat got your tongue? Or are the party leaders (such as they were) sitting on you, telling you to wait, wait, wait? Why?

    Maybe it’s the Rye Golf Club Investigation. Or the newly revealed Dapolite Tapes. Or this week’s latest potential shocker about Vincent Toomey and The Police Commissioner.

    Whatever it is it has sure caused an uneasy silence at a time when traditional political animal spirits conventionally burst forth unchecked. So I think this silence is messaging the Rye voting public loud and clear.

    Perhaps you don’t actually stand for anything, you’re willing to wait to see which way the cards fall, you’re “sophisticated,” “nuanced,” “pragmatic,” “nobody’s fool,” you’re unprincipled, you’re a coward.

    Perhaps you’re none of these and thus offended at the insinuation. So be it. I’m not a politician. But as a ex-publisher and now hard working part of the local grassroots good governmental reform movement I’ll opine that the honest un-suborned and reform minded among you should give serious consideration to showing up at a city council meeting BEFORE the Golf Investigation winds down and going on the record about the lies, deceit and other nonsense that have plagued our city hall for more than half a decade now. Tell us what you think.

    And if you’re treated disrespectfully - or with contempt - or with that cold silence that tells you what parties you will no longer be welcome at then just reflect – things could be a lot worse. After all you’re still alive and will have taken what voters will soon remember to have been a principled stand while others running for office remained silent. And that will be appreciated.

    I’d say that’s a far cry better than being smeared, ridiculed and untimely deceased. And THEN being found completely right.

    "November 2008 – The Rye Record –Silence of the Shams."

    "When local environmentalist Bob Schubert returned to the City Hall podium Nov. 7 for his latest public ‘beat down’, the boys on the dais made sure that viewers wouldn’t leave disappointed. Bob again laid out a short, straightforward synopsis as to why he needs government help in restoring the “Forest Avenue Swamp” and what specific local code sections control the situation. Bob pointedly reminded the Council members that some of them (specifically the Mayor) had had a personal hand in drafting these same regulations. Then the brickbats flew.

    In a scene directly out of the 1950’s McCarthy Hearings, petitioner Schubert was scolded, taunted and dismissed with the kind of oozing contempt only a certain kind of petty bureaucrat run-amuck can deliver. This treatment of Schubert was, in a word, despicable.

    Lurking behind the dramatics here, however, remains a big unanswered question — and one that seemingly defies logic given the watercolor green stripes displayed by almost every candidate for those select dais chairs during electioneering. Why the silent hesitation by these elected officials to question private interests (a homeowner or two in this case) when so much is at stake?

    It’s that silence here that feels so disconcerting — much more than the fireworks touched off to date."

    Ted Carroll

    Doug Dumas' French

    I did nothing wrong!

    Rye Oldtimer

    Just saw this. I have no words.

    Curious Tom

    Didn't Matt Fahey manage Doug's campaign? Yikes! And now he wants to be our next mayor?! Not on my watch!

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