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    I'm Dependent on Government

    What would my life be without the Council Meetings and my harassment of Rye's volunteer public officials ? My life would have no meaning. The Council Meetings and are my raison d'etre.


    Every time French gets bashed in the papers for his illegal house or illegal Star exemption it seems he comes out with some kind of Rye update to deflect from his misdeeds.

    French should not be allowed to use the City of Rye to propagandize for his own personal or political gain.

    While this may be ok with French's propaganda ministers, Robin and Peter "Goebbels" over at the Rye Record, it is not ok amongst the citizenry of Rye.

    The roads have been crumbling in Rye for the entire 3 years French has been in office. Had French, Pickup, Jovanovich and others not raided the City of Rye operating funds for $5,000,000 (some say illegally), our roads would have been maintained properly all along.


    Central Ave Bridge

    P. StephenLamont

    Central Avenue Bridge
    Road Repaving
    Smith, Elm, Purchase Street job

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