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    Bobby Zahmmy

    Good point Matt. I agree.

    Are you running for elected office this year? You have my vote.

    Jim Amico

    Hey Matt,

    Did you actually write this???
    Thank You for this, I needed a good laugh going into these next 3 meetings....GOOD LORD MATT!!!

    "Elected representatives should be using their best judgment in deciding what's best"

    Matt Fahey

    I would be very disappointed if the County Legislators are overtly influenced by this petition. Petitions are usually overblown. It takes all of 5 seconds to sign one's name, and maybe twice that time to hear the gist of the idea. Most sign without becoming fully informed. Yet politicians are supposed to bend to the "will of the people" because a small group of energized people got a few hundred to sign their name to a sheet of paper. Does anyone check the accuracy of these signatures? Are those people signing the petition fully informed? Are they paying for the fiscal sinkhole known as Playland? From what Bob tells us, the answer is no, at least for 60% of the first 100 signers.
    Elected representatives should be using their best judgment in deciding what's best for the county. With close to a million residents in Westchester, the 600 is less than one tenth of 1 percent of the population. God help us all if our county legislators lack a backbone to ignore this petition.

    Robert Zahm

    The petition is an interesting idea, but of the first 100 or so "signers" 50 were from outside NY state. Of the remaining 50, 10 were from outside the county. So, the petition's race to 600+ signers would not seem to be representative of Westchester County tax payers and residents.

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